Ministers “Sorry” For Mass Murder

Now we finally know what we had long suspected. When US and British forces invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein had no chemical weapons; he had no biological weapons; he had no nuclear weapons. In fact, he had no banned weapons at all. That is the considered judgement of the Iraq Survey Group, set up by President Bush to prove his case for removing the Iraqi dictator, and released in Washington last night.

The ISG report proves precisely the opposite. The much-maligned international regime of weapons containment had functioned exactly as it was supposed to. After his failed effort to annex Kuwait, Saddam Hussein was progressively disarmed.
(Source:The Independent)

Given the above, just how much sense does what’s below make?

Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt has apologised for the use of inaccurate intelligence to justify going to war in Iraq.

Appearing on BBC One’s Question Time, Ms Hewitt said she was speaking on behalf of the entire Cabinet.

“All of us who were involved in making an incredibly difficult decision are very sorry and do apologise for the fact that that information was wrong.”

But she added: “I don’t think we were wrong to go in.”
(Source: BBC News)

So, they weren’t wrong to produce this? :


or this? :


Remember this? :

Hanan MatrudHanan Matrud

The Army has paid out £390 to the family of an eight-year-old Iraqi girl who was killed after being hit by a bullet fired by a British soldier, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Hanan Saleh Matrud died in an alleyway near her home in northern Basra after a British soldier with the King’s Regiment opened fire nearby. The ricocheting bullet left a deep wound across her stomach, and she later died in hospital.

The soldiers claim they fired a warning shot in the air after being targeted by “heavy stone-throwing” by mobs. Local eyewitnesses dispute the claim, and allege that only children were in the streets.

(Source: The Independent)

I don’t know if Hewitt has children herself but how would she feel if, say, North Korea invaded Britain on some phony pretext, shot her eight-year-old and then didn’t even apologise or acknowledge any evil on their part? Would she be smiling at her North Korean liberators or would she be out in the streets, lobbing as many missiles and bombs at the hated occupiers as a mother could lift? This may sound like an insane scenario on my part but what the US and UK are now claiming is that they have the right to pre-emptively attack anyone they feel may be a threat. Blair now doesn’t even care that there were no WMDs, just as long as Hussein may have been planning to build some in some future. He feels that gives him the right to bomb civilian areas flat, massacreing tens of thousands.

So… if it’s okay for the US and UK to carry out that kind of attack, why can’t North Korea invade China or India or even Britain on the grounds that those countries possess nuclear weapons?

Let’s put this in an everyday context, shall we?

I’m walking along Sadler Gate in Derby. I see a bloke, he’s looks a bit shifty, I’ve seen him hit some people in fights outside nightclubs. Actually, it wasn’t him, it was a mate of his. But they’re all the same, aren’t they? So, I pull out a knife and gouge his eyes out. Then I disembowel him. As I’m pulling his wriggling, steaming intestines out of his body, I’m also nicking his wallet cos I know he always carries loads of cash and I fancy buying some stuff.

All the while I’m cutting up his guts, I’m shouting, “STOP THREATENING ME! STOP THREATENING ME! YOU’RE EITHER WITH ME OR YOU’RE AGAINST ME! THIS IS A WAR ON SHIFTY LOOKING BLOKES!” He dies quite horribly and I praise myself for my civilised liberation of his guts and award myself several high honours and a pay rise.

When the police come, I say it was self defence, on the grounds that I’d heard he had a knife and didn’t like Asians. The cops tell me he had no knife. I reply, “Ahhh, but he was planning to buy one in the future. So I haven’t done anything wrong, I totally stand by my actions. Yes, the rumours I’d heard about him having a knife were wrong but would you rather I let him live?”

Just how fucking evil can our government get before our press exposes them for the monsters they are? Child killers, mass murderers, enthusiastic supporters of cluster bombs, the gift that keeps on killing long after a war is over.

These are the people in charge of Britain now. Men and women who took part in the illegal invasion of a non-aggressor nation, a war crime.

The New Labour leadership are pure scum, human filth. They all deserve nothing less than 10,000 life sentences each, as a small reminder of the lives they have taken.

But I guess since they wear nice suits and smile pleasantly for their tame TV media, they’ll get away with it.


I just got this email in response to the above rant:

I just read over your commentary on “Ministers ‘Sorry’ For Mass Murder” and I could not agree [more] with your explanation and the way you put it into perspective. It’s like I have stated on various occasions.

Although I can honestly say I love my country and it’s people, I can not speak the same for the people running it. First of all you will never see a minority who had a C average in school even managing a liquor store but the anglo student with a C average just happens to be running the country. I have absolutely no respect for our president and his decisions have done nothing but dig us deeper and deeper into a hole since he took office.

It was no surprise to me that there were no weapons of mass destruction. The only real weapons of mass destruction I have always believed to be the lies used to lure the support of people. Since taking office Bush cut education funding to levels that are pretty much historically low yet he vowed no child will be left behind in his address to educational issues.

What angers me the most is that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and numerous other members of his cabinet have all pledged to be part of a Project For A New American Century. Now in case you are not aware among it’s core goals states that USA should fight and win decisively win MULTIPLE SIMULTANEOUS major theatre wars.

(What kind of a new century are they going for?)

All I could think of is how long before this man decides he wants congress to back a plan for genocide. He seems to be going toward that direction. His politics and MANY other countries involved in this are just ridiculous. And what is worst after all the people who lost their lives in this war which should not have happened, President Bush has not attended the funeral of a single U.S. soldier killed in Iraq. Yet he staged a thanksgiving visit to the troops who by the way the ones shown in the video were preselcted based on their affiliation with the republican party at approximately a little after 2am and just arrived took pictures carved a FAKE turkey and then hopping on a plane back to the US.

oh the man just irritates me. Because of his decisions we are barely now getting support back from the UN where at one point we only had two allies after he chose to go against recommendation and launch a war based on little more than, well nothing really.

well anyways I just wanted to let you know that I read your statement and the way you put it in perspective and I am completely 100% agreeing with you. It’s all about politics. It’s sad.
Joalby Phoenix

I posted this email because I want to reinforce: Bush is not America. He may pretend to be but there are millions upon millions of peace-loving Americans who are horrified by the actions of their government and every day they protest and organise against it. They are far braver to do this in the current right-wing, gung-ho US climate than we are in Europe.

In the UK, I’ve often seen antiwar feeling slide into racist anti-Americanism which I detest. The conflicts of the world aren’t about races or even religions, they’re about leaders manipulating their populations with fear and terror. Terrorism in a literal sense. Ordinary people, whether they’re American or Iraqi, Irish or British, Palestinian or Israeli don’t want bloodshed. They want to live in peace with their neighbours. But powermongers know that by inflaming divisions, they can rule with fear. Just look at India pre-British rule and the amount of Muslim versus Hindu friction compared to when the Brits had stirred it all up pre-partition. It serves the interests of Blair and his war criminal cohorts for UK antiwar activists to become anti-American. If we act like morons and blame the Iraq invasion purely on Bush or “the USA” then that lets Butcher Blair off the hook very nicely.

Finally, since when did Bush own America? Since when is there only one way of being an American? In a country as racially, culturally and politically diverse as the USA, are we to believe that unless you agree with this PNAC puppet, you aren’t a true American?

Internationalism, not nationalism.