Main Centre Morning

Main Centre - 4
I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in Derby city centre at 8.40 on a Saturday morning. I tend to avoid town on Saturdays as it gets way too busy and I start expecting passers-by to bite me. Or at least do that shrieking thing out of Bodysnatchers.

But I couldn’t miss the chance of catching Main Centre relatively deserted and with some fantastic early morning sunshine on it. I’m not sure of the exact date but I know that it’s all scheduled for demolition sometime in the next few months. Poor old Main Centre – it managed to survive an IRA bomb but it’s going to get crushed by the wheels of industry. Alright, I know it’s got a bit scummy the last few years but it’s nothing that a lick of paint and some trendy new shops couldn’t have cured.

Dunno where/when Wilko and Argos are going to move, they’re basically the last shops left.

I wonder what the new building will be like. Will it suddenly revitalise the area?

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