Screamadelica 14/9/2004

This week’s pics are dedicated to all the peeps going away, either to Uni or to new jobs in far-off lands. I’ll miss your prancing about, especially Martin. For so many years, Martin’s been the bloke jumping around like a lunatic, how will Derby ever replace him?

Fittingly, last night was one of the best Screamadelicas in aaages. I didn’t enjoy it last week at all but last night was packed full of tunes that I’ve never heard played in Scream (or anywhere else in Derby) before. And it was great jumping round to old faves like JSBX. I danced so much my feet were sore and I had to semi-hobble to the car. Ace.

For those about to leave, I salute you and wish you the best of times wherever you are!

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