US Helicopter Murders Children

Civilians flee from US murderers

Baghdad – A United States helicopter gunship fired at a crowd of Iraqis swarming round a burning US vehicle in a Baghdad street on Sunday, and witnesses and officials said 13 people were killed and 61 wounded in violence in the area.

In the rebel-held city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, US tanks and helicopters killed 10 Iraqis, including women and children, when they opened fire on a residential district, a doctor said. A US military spokesperson did not immediately have any information on the firing.

Witnesses said a US helicopter gunship fired at a group of Iraqis, including children, who were crowding round a Bradley fighting vehicle which had been set ablaze. Television images showed the Iraqis running for cover as the firing broke out.
(Source: IOL)

The next time you see some gung-ho piece of Hollywood shit like Black Hawk Down, remember the above. The next time you play some Nazi propaganda videogame like Conflict: Vietnam, remember the above. It won’t be historically accurate unless there are missions where you have to massacre the innocent civilians of a small village:

Two tragedies took place in 1968 in Viet Nam.  One was the massacre by United States soldiers of as many as 500 unarmed civilians– old men, women, children– in My Lai on the morning of March 16.  The other was the cover-up of that massacre.
(Source: My Lai)

Perhaps you get extra bonus points for every baby you kill?

But back to the helicopter attack…

There’s been nothing on the TV news about it. I guess US helicopters murdering unarmed women and children is so commonplace now, such an everyday occurrence in Iraq that it doesn’t merit a mention.

There’s probably a sound military reason those civilians were shot to death by their liberators. Isn’t there?

“After evacuating the wounded, air support destroyed the Bradley fighting vehicle to prevent looting and harm to the Iraqi people,” the US military said in a statement.
(Source: IOL)

So… they shot those people to prevent them coming to harm?

Yep, that does make sense. It makes exactly as much sense as a phony invasion to destroy non-existent WMDs and a war criminal still being in No. 10.

The US military said that a Kiowa, a light reconnaissance and attack helicopter, fired rockets at the Bradley to destroy weapons and ammunition on board. But it is evident from the al-Arabiya video that the rockets landed among people standing or walking far away from the Bradley.
(Source: The Independent)

I expect the soldiers responsible were just a bit bored and felt like murdering a few more civilians. After all, they’re only Iraqis. What right to life do they have?