Fuck Tha Police #2

A British Muslim man arrested during a terrorism raid suffered 50 separate injuries after being repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped upon, according to a medical report seen by the Guardian.

The Crown Prosecution Service yesterday announced that no officer would be charged for allegedly assaulting Babar Ahmad, who was arrested in December 2003 at his south London home.
(Source: The Guardian)

This is what Bush and Blair’s phony War On Terrorism means: a war on innocent civilians, beaten up by the Metropolitan Police, tortured and then unable to even receive justice from the British legal system.

The report found that Mr Ahmad, 30, had been left with blood coming from his ear and in his urine after being arrested, and with injuries to his face, torso, arms and legs.

Mr Gavalas [the consultant who treated Ahmad] wrote: “There is clearly unequivocal evidence that he was subjected to a harrowing physical and psychological assault by police officers. He was clearly badly beaten up although in a reasonably controlled manner … aimed at inflicting significant soft tissue trauma with pain, but not to cause any life-threatening injuries.”
(Source: The Guardian)

But perhaps he is a dangerous terrorist? What are the charges against him?

There weren’t any.

He was released after six days without one charge being laid against him.

This could happen to any of us. A knock at our door in the middle of the night and then we’re bundled off, tortured and abused by our wonderful British bobbies. No charges, no explanations, no apologies and no justice. The War On Terrorism is being used to justify the removal of our human rights.

And if anyone complains, if anyone speaks out – well, they’re obviously loony lefties or secret terrorist sympathisers. Enemies of the state. Just as anyone who spoke out for the Jews against the Nazis was automatically branded an enemy of the state.

The CPS said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute any officers, following an investigation by the Met itself.

That inquiry was supervised by the Police Complaints Authority and, after it was abolished, by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
(Source: The Guardian)

Forget what the consultant who examined Ahmad found, let’s just have the criminals investigate the crime and decide that nothing bad happened. That makes perfect sense.

Doesn’t it?

Ahmad is now under arrest again, this time for extradition to the USA:

The suspicion remains that after Babar Ahmad exposed last December the barbaric cruelty with which around 600 members of the Muslim community have been arrested under terrorism legislation, with a only a fraction of them charged and virtually none convicted, he has become a marked man. With no evidence against him, there is an extradition request to send him to a country where this does not matter, and the use of torture has become legitimised. The US is far form being seen as impartial distributor of justice with smells like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib hanging round their necks.

Babar Ahmad should be tried in the UK, if found guilty then punished according to the law, if innocent then given all the ability to live the rest of his life in a normal fashion.
(Source: Muslim Association of Britain)

In the USA, under the Military Order on the Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens, Ahmad will be denied justice just as surely as he has been in Britain.

The War On Terrorism, the alleged war for our freedom, erodes and eliminates our existing human rights a little more each day.