How Bush Will Win

The protests in New York are a mark of Bush’s unpopularity. For a president to be this unpopular whilst US troops are at war is rare.

Democrats and other anti-Bush groups are mounting huge campaigns to try and mobilise people into getting out there and actually voting.

But Bush has a very strong supporter, one that I believe may guarantee his continued presidency. That supporter is Al Quaeda.

Nope, I’m not going to sling some wild conspiracy theories. I don’t believe there is any direct collusion between the US government and Al Quaeda.

But here’s my slant:

For Bin Laden and Al Quaeda to maintain their flow of money, their powerbase and their steady stream of young people willing to die for their bullshit war, they have to whip-up and maintain a huge fear of the West. Specifically, they have to promote the idea that the USA has been supporting Israel in its illegal occupation of other people’s land. This isn’t difficult since it’s partially true. So, Bin Laden can point the finger at the “evil empire” and appeal to the idealism of young Muslims by making them believe that the US is out to destroy Islam itself.

Al Quaeda needs a warlike, pro-Israel USA to maintain its rule. The USA is their weapon of fear.


For the PNAC cabal and their puppet (Bush) to maintain control of America, they need to whip-up and maintain a huge fear of terrorism, especially of terrorists from oil-rich countries. Before the WTC attacks, Bush’s popularity was plummeting, a lot of people thought he’d stolen the presidency and wasn’t even doing much with it. But once a people feel under attack by outside enemies, they naturally rally round their leader, no matter how obviously inane and monosyllabic he is. Bush and his masters can use the threat of evil terrorists to axe domestic spending, remove inconvenient civil liberties (the very same liberties that generations of Americans fought and died for) and generally turn the US into their model of an ideal country: a quasi-fascist regime.

PNAC needs terrorism and a warlike, anti-US Islamic fringe to maintain its rule. Al Quaeda is their weapon of fear.

The illegal invasion of Iraq has increased anti-US sentiment hugely. If millions of mostly non-Muslim people have marched all over Europe against the US and UK invasion, convert that into Muslims who’ve been pushed over the edge into outright support of terrorist groups. Most people realise that the invasion has made terrorist attacks more likely, not less. That’s why everyone in Britain has got that helpful leaflet about how to deal with terrorist attacks (Step 1. Keep away from bombs Step 2. Avoid any poison gas). We didn’t get sent those leaflets before the Iraq invasion, did we? When we were 45 mintues from attack, according to Butcher Blair.

Can you see what’s going to happen?

The US election is pretty soon. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Al Quaeda helped their old mate Dubya out by providing some terrorist attack on mainland USA. It doesn’t even have to be as horrific as the WTC attack, just as long as it makes the news. The last thing Al Quaeda wants is a US government who’ll approach the Middle East with a less warlike eye – where would their support go then? Terrorist groups need to have a big, bad oppressor and they know their best bet is Bush. You couldn’t write a better enemy of Islam than Bush and his fellow lunatic fundamentalist Christians.

As I write, nothing is decided. There have been huge protests against Bush this week and the polls have been looking bad, though not awful, for the Republicans. A lot of Americans are waking up to the facts: there were no WMDs, Iraq was no clear and present threat to the US.


But all it would take to guarantee Bush the forthcoming election is a little help from his opposite numbers in Al Quaeda. Imagine the outrage and fear if there was another attack on the US. Bush would surf the tidal wave of grief and anger to a surefire victory. This would lead to four more years of strengthening the Fatherland Act, increased surveillance of all citizens, interception of email etc. The Nazification of America. And any American that dared to oppose this would be labelled pro-terrorist.

Look at the actions of both sides. What kind of men of God would crash planes into skyscrapers full of innocent civilians? What kind of men of God would bomb innocent civilians into bloody pulp and then torture the survivors in nightmarish detention camps?

They’re both the same. Neither side cares for human life, for our right to live without fear, in freedom and not under a constant state of war. We’re pawns in their games, they kill us off without a second thought, praising their God as they wipe our blood from their hands.

For all our sakes, I hope everything I’ve just written turns out to be untrue.