UK Supports Torture

Nazi Blunkett
David Blunkett, supporter of torture and war crimes

I got sent the following link by my mate Paul:

A ruling by Britain’s second-highest court undermines the global ban on torture, Human Rights Watch said today. In a 2-to-1 ruling, the Court of Appeal said that evidence obtained under torture in third countries may be used in special terrorism cases, provided that the British government has “neither procured the torture nor connived at it.”

“This is a dramatic rollback in fundamental rights,” said Rachel Denber, acting executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia Division. “The global ban on torture is absolute. Britain should be a leader in upholding that principle rather than looking for ways around it.”  
The court ruled that the British government can use evidence obtained under torture outside the country when deciding to detain indefinitely foreign terrorism suspects, unless Britain was involved in the torture or encouraged it. The same material can also be considered by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, which hears appeals by these suspects against indefinite detention. Much of the evidence before this commission is heard in closed proceedings to which the detainees and their lawyers of choice have no access. Instead, they are represented by security-cleared lawyers appointed by the government.
(Source: Human Rights Watch)

So… we’re now saying information tortured out of people is legally admissible?

How much fucking lower can this country sink?

David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, welcomed yesterday’s rejection by the Court of Appeal of a challenge brought by 10 suspected terrorists to their detention without charge or trial.

Mr Blunkett said he was pleased with the Appeal Court’s decision to uphold his view that the men were “suspected international terrorists who pose a threat to our national security”.
(Source: The Telegraph)

I think a far greater threat to our country, our freedom and democracy itself is the program of crypto-fascists like Blunkett. How can we defend freedom by removing basic human rights like the right to trial? Or at least knowing what charges you stand accused of. Blunkett’s vision of Britain is of a country where our rights are all removable by government – a totalitarian Britain.

Just wheel out a few buzzwords like “terrorist” and our rights go out of the window. Who decides who’s a suspect? Is it the same brilliant intelligence community that told us there were WMDs in Iraq? Why would any democratic government be afraid to try suspected terrorists in public?

Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International in the UK said she was appalled. “The rule of law and human rights have become casualties of the measures taken in the aftermath of 9/11. This judgment is an aberration, morally and legally.”

Peter Carter QC, chairman of the Bar’s human rights committee, said the ruling meant the Government was being allowed to “connive in torture”. He added: “Under international law there is an absolute prohibition on torture. This is not just because it is an inhumane act but because of the rationale that the fruits of torture are very likely to be wholly unreliable and so it is irrational to rely on information obtained by torture.”
(Source: The Independent)

I just cannot believe this is happening. The illegal invasion of Iraq, the Labour Party in the hands of Nazis like Blunkett and Blair and now our country is supporting torture.

What happened? When did we start living in a horrible episode of The Twilight Zone?

Quote Of The Day

Across the country, the voices raising questions about the war were lonely ones. We didn’t pay enough attention to the minority.
-Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr
(Source: Common Dreams)

Too little, way too late.

The Western mass media fed us the US and UK governments’ lies, never questioning the barrage of bullshit that flowed from the White House and Downing Street.

The result? A bloody invasion.

No WMDs, no freedom for Iraqis and an increase in terrorism. Plus tens of thousands of Iraqis slaughtered in a war for control of Iraq’s oil fields.

And still Bush and Blair remain in their plush offices instead of being held in handcuffs as the war criminals they are.