British Troops Murdered Iraqi Civilians

British soldiers killed a 26-year-old Iraqi civilian by repeatedly beating him on the neck, chest and genital areas, High Court judges have heard.

Baha Mousa was one of six Iraqis whose families are challenging the UK Government’s decision not to hold an independent inquiry into their deaths.

Fellow hotel worker Kifah Taha al-Mutari said soldiers competed to see who could kick detainees the furthest.

(Source: BBC News)

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Don’t worry. Tony Blair is a great and caring leader. Our lads in the army are all over there helping the Iraqis. There are no atrocities being committed.

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A witness statement by Mr Mousa’s father, Daoud Mousa, was also before the court.

In it he recalled seeing his son’s body covered in blood and bruises: “He had a badly broken nose. There was blood coming from his nose and mouth. The skin on one side of his face had been torn away to reveal the flesh beneath.

“There were severe patches of bruising over all of his body. The skin on his wrists had been torn off and the skin on his forehead torn away and there was no skin under his eyes either.

“I literally could not bear to look at him.”

(Source: BBC News)