Screamadelica 29/6/2004

Last Saturday, me and Daz made the mistake of hauling ourselves to Notts, paying the ridiculous £5 entry (FIVE QUID!) and then walking into the Rescue Rooms. Brilliant! Forty people, all blokes, dancing to cocking Jet. Perhaps we’d gone there too early? Nope – that was at 12.15! What a bastard waste of time and money.

In contrast, last night at Scream was FABULOUS, FREE and LOCAAAL!

It was rammed when I got there, as busy as I’ve ever seen it (not like last week). And, unlike every other Derby club, a totally wanker-free zone. No pissed-up twats trying to start fights with anyone happening to nudge their pint/look at their bird. Just happy, dancing people throwing shapes to the best mix of music you’ll hear anywhere in Derby. And Notts. No other club is playing old stuff like Refused and Fugazi next to new stuff like The Shins, Postal Service, Bloc Party etc. The only thing I find depressing is that if this night shut down, I’d have *nowhere* to go out 🙁


I also find it bizarre that a Tuesday night out in little old Derby should be so much better than a Saturday night out in big, bad Notts. Huh?

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