End The Occupation Of Iraq – Democracy Now!

Wednesday June 30th 6pm – 9pm Parliament Square
(Nearest tube Westminster)

GUEST SPEAKER – Michael Berg, father of Nick Berg, the US hostage executed in Iraq.

The supposed transfer of authority in occupied Iraq on June 30 is fast approaching. The Stop the War Coalition continues to demand a full military withdrawal from Iraq and the transfer of real sovereignty to those who genuinely represent the Iraqi people. The Stop the War Coalition is organising a day of action in Britain on June 30th to protest against this undemocratic farce. We would like to see symbolic protests in every community in support of the following demands:

  • End the occupation
  • Iraq for the Iraqis
  • Bring the troops home now
  • Where possible, these should be evening protests, to coincide with the actual “transfer” at midnight in Iraq, which is 9pm GMT. (Source : Stop The War UK)

    I think if Michael Berg can make the effort to come to Britain and speak to us about the reasons his son was murdered, we should make the effort to turn up and listen. But if you can’t make it cos you’re at work or whatever, you could always join/stage a local protest. And if you can’t do that, try emailing someone in the UK government and asking them about the sham surrender of sovereignty.

    Every day brings more bloodshed and horror from Iraq as the people there fight against the occupation of their country by the US invaders, those smiling, torture-happy troops. Just today, the invaders slaughtered another 25-30 more civilians in a brutal attack. This is what their propaganda chief had to say about it:

    “Today, coalition forces conducted another strike on a known Zarqawi network safe house in southeastern Fallujah, based on multiple confirmations of Iraqi and coalition intelligence,” the coalition’s deputy director of operations, Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, said.

    “This operation employed precision weapons to target and destroy the safe house,” he said.

    The total death toll from the three raids is 59 to 64 people, the US military, warning that it would not shrink from carrying out further such strikes. (Source: Channel News Asia)

    So, with evidence as nebulous as that used to justify the illegal invasion, the US military thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to murder civilians. An occupying army that no Iraqi wants there, slaughtering people as they see fit. Zarqawi is now the new WMD – we must bow down and let the US do whatever it wants because of Zarqawi, he’s so evil! He’s a mass-murdering terrorist! Really? I wonder if we tallied the deaths how they would compare: the US invasion has killed at least 10,000 Iraqis. Zarqawi is a rank amateur compared to Kimmitt and his foreign invaders, shelling mosques, schools and hospitals. But the US is murdering Iraqis to save them from… being murdered by terrorists. So that’s alright then.

    Of course, that’s not the official line. We’re told the Iraqi fighters are “insurgents” battling a legitimate Iraqi leadership. The people fighting the US must be evil terrorists.

    Pretty much the same propaganda peddled to the population of the USSR when the Soviets invaded and occupied Afghanistan. Or when the occupying Nazis and their puppet regime called the French Resistance terrorists.

    Q: When does a brave freedom-fighter become an evil terrorist?
    A: When they stop fighting our enemies and start fighting us.