Why Terry Jones Is My Hero

First of all, go and read this.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Of course, it’s much better than any similar polemic I could write because Jones is obviously a good leap ahead of me in terms of raw intelligence.

But what strikes me is that Terry Jones doesn’t need to say any of this. My Dad has been forwarding me his anti-war commentary for months now and every time I read anything Jones writes, I feel uplifted.

It would be easier for him to keep quiet. It seems that’s the policy all our more “dangerous” and “political” celebrities have been pursuing. I’m not a famous person and yet the few anti-war rants I’ve written have netted me a steady flow of hate-email from fascists, Blairites and other assorted right-wing nutters.

Imagine the amount of shite an internationally famous Python like Terry Jones must get.

And yet…

And yet, he keeps writing, he keeps speaking out when others stay silent. He knows that a great evil is being done and he won’t meekly comply with the powers that be who wish to see it all carried out without even a squeak.

He’s an example to all of us who have opposed the murder of innocent Iraqis from the very start, he’s using his celebrity and status to try and save lives, to avert more US / UK lead atrocities against Iraq.

Terry Jones is my hero