Two Emails Speaking Sense

hey jyoti,

how are you ?

just read this from the bbc website….ha! the cheek

Blair condemns Euro 2004 violence

England know they could be sent home if trouble continues
Tony Blair says those involved in continuing violence in Portugal “bring
shame on our country”.

Speaking at prime minister’s questions, he said the clashes in Albufeira on
the Algarve were “completely intolerable”.

Portuguese police said 32 English fans were arrested overnight, adding to a
dozen held on Monday night.

England were told before Euro 2004 that hooliganism could see the team sent home, but Uefa has said the recent violence is unrelated to matches(Source: BBC News)

so killing loads of innocent people is justified…but a few beers and fight
is “completely intolerable”.


take care


A good point, well made!

And my mate Matt made the same point in fewer words:

I read this and felt incredibly tired of it all: [snip]

Football yobs disgrace England

By Clare Lovell

ALBUFEIRA, Portugal (Reuters) – Prime Minister Tony Blair says hooliganism
linked to Euro 2004 is completely intolerable and that the police should
make sure those involved face heavy penalties.

Police arrested 34 people, nearly all British, early on Wednesday, in a
second night of violence in Portugal’s Algarve tourist region.

Blair said they brought shame on their country.


pot, kettle??

It’s good to know there are a few people out there who are still using their brains…