Why Terry Jones Is My Hero

First of all, go and read this.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Of course, it’s much better than any similar polemic I could write because Jones is obviously a good leap ahead of me in terms of raw intelligence.

But what strikes me is that Terry Jones doesn’t need to say any of this. My Dad has been forwarding me his anti-war commentary for months now and every time I read anything Jones writes, I feel uplifted.

It would be easier for him to keep quiet. It seems that’s the policy all our more “dangerous” and “political” celebrities have been pursuing. I’m not a famous person and yet the few anti-war rants I’ve written have netted me a steady flow of hate-email from fascists, Blairites and other assorted right-wing nutters.

Imagine the amount of shite an internationally famous Python like Terry Jones must get.

And yet…

And yet, he keeps writing, he keeps speaking out when others stay silent. He knows that a great evil is being done and he won’t meekly comply with the powers that be who wish to see it all carried out without even a squeak.

He’s an example to all of us who have opposed the murder of innocent Iraqis from the very start, he’s using his celebrity and status to try and save lives, to avert more US / UK lead atrocities against Iraq.

Terry Jones is my hero

Two Emails Speaking Sense

hey jyoti,

how are you ?

just read this from the bbc website….ha! the cheek

Blair condemns Euro 2004 violence

England know they could be sent home if trouble continues
Tony Blair says those involved in continuing violence in Portugal “bring
shame on our country”.

Speaking at prime minister’s questions, he said the clashes in Albufeira on
the Algarve were “completely intolerable”.

Portuguese police said 32 English fans were arrested overnight, adding to a
dozen held on Monday night.

England were told before Euro 2004 that hooliganism could see the team sent home, but Uefa has said the recent violence is unrelated to matches(Source: BBC News)

so killing loads of innocent people is justified…but a few beers and fight
is “completely intolerable”.


take care


A good point, well made!

And my mate Matt made the same point in fewer words:

I read this and felt incredibly tired of it all: [snip]

Football yobs disgrace England

By Clare Lovell

ALBUFEIRA, Portugal (Reuters) – Prime Minister Tony Blair says hooliganism
linked to Euro 2004 is completely intolerable and that the police should
make sure those involved face heavy penalties.

Police arrested 34 people, nearly all British, early on Wednesday, in a
second night of violence in Portugal’s Algarve tourist region.

Blair said they brought shame on their country.


pot, kettle??

It’s good to know there are a few people out there who are still using their brains…

US Says: No Link Between Iraq and WTC Attack

? Steve Bell, 2004

The US national commission examining the 11 September 2001 attacks has found no “credible evidence” that Iraq helped al-Qaeda militants carry them out.

The statement appears in a report on al-Qaeda published before the final public session of the commission.

It contradicts remarks by the US vice-president about Saddam Hussein’s “long-established ties” with al-Qaeda.”(Source: BBC News)

So what was the American war against Iraq all about then?

Only a moron or Tony Blair would deny the evidence of the last year: no WMDs found, huge uprisings by the Iraqi population against their supposed liberators and now an official judgement that the main justification used by the warhawks for the attack on Iraq was false.


Still, no harm done, eh? I’m sure the tens of thousands of civilian Iraqis were glad to die underneath the barrage of US & UK bombs, knowing their deaths would guarantee umm… well, what?

Not a reduction in terrorism. That’s in fact increased. The US government was crowing about reducing terrorism but it was yet another lie:

When the annual report was issued April 29, senior administration officials used it as evidence the war was being won under Bush.

“We weren’t saying terrorism has gone away. The report clearly says terrorism is a main problem facing the world today. We’ve got to continue going after terrorists,” Powell said.

“But based on the data we had within the report, there was a suggestion that the number of incidents had dropped and it was the lowest since 1969,” he added. “That turns out not to have been correct. We were wrong. We will correct it.”(Source: The Guardian)

An unfortunate error that wasn’t noticed until a leading Democrat, Rep. Henry Waxman of California, contested the Bush PR. Funny that, eh?

Still, at least all those Iraqis died to give their country a true, independent democracy, didn’t they? Not quite:

In the case of Iraq, the question also arises of whether the occupation will actually end on June 30. In crucial matters, such as oversight of the armed forces, Iraq will not have true sovereignty. (Source: International Herald Tribune)

Ahh…so when the US says “full sovereignty” they actually mean the US government still runs the country. So much for the American notion of democracy. Sounds a lot like the old Soviet idea of “sovereign nation” for the countries it invaded and annexed.

The illegal invasion of Iraq was justified by the warhawks on these three points:

1. Massive stockpiles of WMDs
2. Iraq as a key supporter of the Al Quaeda terrorist network
3. Removing the dictator Hussein would bring democracy to Iraq. There would be no resistance to US + UK forces from non-Hussein forces since they would be welcome liberators.

All three of the above points are completely and utterly false. They continue to be peddled to us by Butcher Blair and his New Labour warhawks.

This continued barrage of utter bullshit shows just how stupid they think the British public is.

Only time will tell if their low opinion of our intelligence is justified.