Bless Playlist 24/5/2004

Jens Lekman. The nutter.

I take pride in having no chemical addictions. But I definitely have an addiction to music. I think my brain must just be wired like that. Other people’s brains are wired for alcohol, benzoylmethylecgonine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, whatever. Mine seems to be hooked on music.

The rush I get when I discover a great new pop song is incredible. When I’m hearing it unfold for the very first time, brand new, every note is a surprise and yet, as with all pop, also a welcome home.

The best new track I played tonight has that effect on me. It’s Jens Lekman’s ‘Black Cab.’ Tipped for indie stardom, he’s been compared to Magnetic Fields, Felt and Harry Nilsson. You can judge for yourself by downloading ‘Black Cab’ here (it’s all kosher, the song’s hosted by his label). Personally, it reminds me of ‘Just Like Eddie’ by Heinz. And that’s no bad thing seeing as that track was produced by this gay genius. You can find out slightly more about Jens Lekman by visiting his site here. Check out his detailed discography…if you can work out how to read it 😉

The best old track tonight was Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer Liebe.’ I used to play this track in the Pen at Woodlands School on my little piano key tape recorder in 1981. So I guess I’ve been forcing it on people for 23 solid years.

Since then Kraftwerk have been (and probably always will be) my favourite ever band. And ignore what indie hipsters witter on about, their best stuff wasn’t from the 70s. It was their 1981 album, ‘Computer World.’ The best album ever made (so far) and still being shamelessly ripped off to this day.

I program my home computer, beam my songs into your future:

Enemylove – Weekender
OOO – Group Heartbeat
DJ Muggs – Biggie Bowie
The Thermals – It’s Trivia
Blockhead – Carnivores Unite
Deerhoof – The Eyebright Bugler
Sparta – Hiss The Villain
Adult – Hand To Phone
Gang Of Four – I Found That Essence Rare
Modest Mouse – The Ocean Breathes Salty
Mf Doom – Vaudeville Villain
Good Fight – Driven
The Brilliant Corners – Brian Rix
Wauvenfold – Clip (Clopt)
Le Tigre – My My Metrocard
Circle Jerks – Deny Everything
Minor Threat – Straight Edge
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Just Dropped In
Channel Live – Down Goes The Devil
The Elected – Go On
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
The Dissociatives – Lifting The Veil From The Braille
Nautilis – Oh How Schmee Loves Dsp
Pedro The Lion – Big Trucks
Boomtown Rats – Lookin’ After No. 1
Kanye West – School Spirit
Mclusky – Icarus Smicarus
Madness – The Sun And The Rain
Helvetica – Intension Release
Far ? Bury White
John Barry – Hit And Miss
Dilated Peoples – World On Wheels
The Sprites – Do It Yourself
Stu Phillips – Battlestar Galactica
Atreyu – Bleeding Mascara
Itzhak Perlman – Wedding Medley
Kraftwerk – Computer Liebe
Li’l Cap’n Travis – Steady As She Goes
Deltron – Things You Can Do
Weezer – Island In The Sun
Belle And Sebastian – The State I Am In
Camper Van Beethoven – Take The Skinheads Bowling
Jens Lekman – Black Cab
Jon Brion – Here We Go