Fake Photos, Real Murders

“Soldiers from the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment will be charged this week in relation to the death of Baha Mousa, an Iraqi hotel receptionist severely beaten while in British military custody.

Around six soldiers from the QLR – the regiment at the centre of the row over hoax pictures published in the Daily Mirror – face charges in relation to incidents in Iraq. Senior military officials said Geoff Hoon, the Secretary of State for Defence, will confirm “within days” the first criminal prosecutions against British soldiers since the war began.(Source: The Independent)

I find it a bit spooky and sadly unsurprising that some of the stuff I said in this rant two weeks ago has now come true.

Any criticism of the actions of British soldiers in Iraq is now rubbished, the fake photos have provided a simply wonderful buffer for the UK government. Blair can breathe much more easily than his US allies in their increasing spiral of torture / abuse / murder revelations.

And yet…

Baha Mousa is still dead. Along with the others detailed in the Red Cross report that seems to be conveniently forgotten now.

Also forgotten: all the Iraqis killed by the huge bombing carried out by USK forces. These people were also killed illegally, murdered, by forces acting outside of any UN remit. The pattern these forces were following was one of ‘pre-emptive attack’ (yes, the justification used by the Nazis) because of the mountain of WMDs Saddam Hussein had stockpiled.

All those civilians dead. No WMDs found. A sovereign country occupied by foreign invaders. Its citizens imprisoned without trial, tortured and murdered by the “liberating” troops.

It reads like a piece of horrific fiction. But it’s the real world, as made possible by our peaceful, freedom-loving governments.

Tony Blair and New Labour are war criminals. Remember that on June 10th.