Torture? The Pro-War Rags Don’t Even Care…

“The reaction of British newspapers today to the story [of tortured Iraqi prisoners] was mixed. They were played down by Rupert Murdoch’s papers, the Sun and the Times, and were relegated to inside pages by the Telegraph and the Express, both of which supported the war and Britain’s allegiance to George Bush.

The picture of a hooded Iraqi prisoner standing on a box with electric wires attached to his fingers, who had allegedly been threatened with electrocution if he moved, were used on the front pages of the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Times.

However, most of the pro-war nationals relegated the images to the inside pages. The Sun carried a single picture illustrating a down page story on page six, while the Express ran two pictures on page 10 and the Telegraph used two images in its World News section on page 14.”(Source: The Guardian)

There you have it: your super soaraway Sun doesn’t give a shit if human beings are tortured. Of course, if those pics had been of “our brave lads” you can guess the kind of howling editorial and front page splash that would have made. Never forget this arsewipe of a newspaper published the infamous ‘Gotcha!’ headline. How this poorly written adult fantasy comic dares to call itself a newspaper is beyond me.

And a page 14 entry for the Torygraph, always the most loyal cocksucker of the Establishment (The Times and FT don’t count – they are the Establishment).

These newspapers have marginalised the biggest current news story in the world. The horrific torture of civilians being held without trial means nothing to them. This makes their political allegiances painfully clear.