What I’m Doing This Thursday Teatime

March on the US Embassy!


Thursday April 29th, 5pm, Assemble outside SOAS, Malet Street (nearest tubes Goodge St and Russell Sq)
Called by Stop the War Coalition, Student CND and FOSIS

Well, how else can I register my anger at the atrocities being committed in Iraq by the occupying US military? Writing these rants at 6am when I’m too fucking angry to sleep can only achieve so much.

The most important action you can take is to get on the streets, show the governments of the world what real people power looks like. Just like the March For Women’s Lives did last Sunday, undermining in one day a deacde of crypto-fascist Republican bullshit.

So, if you’ve been reading and connecting with these antiwar rants and you can get down to London on Thursday, please do your best to make it. Every single body counts, every single person is another slap in the face for Bush’s occupation of Iraq and pacification of war criminal Ariel Sharon. Bush is ripping our world into bloody shreds around us, we have to do the utmost to stop this psychopath and his insane Christian vision of an American Empire.

I can tell you now, you won’t be on the telly. It’ll barely be a footnote on the news. These huge popular movements aren’t getting any mass-media coverage. 1.5 million of us marched in London last year and where’s the analyses, the in-depth documentaries? There’s not enough time, they’ve spent it all on making programmes about who Becks may or may not be shagging. Anything to distract and deceive.

So you won’t get famous, your mates won’t see you, mid-frame, looking cool like Che.

But you may help to change the world and save many, many lives.

It’s your life, your choice. Do you want to live it as an empowered free human being or as merely an obedient consumer?

Lion or sheep? Take your pick.