US Military = Nazis? Says Who? The British Army!

Recently I’ve got into a couple of arguments with people who object to me comparing the USK occupation of Iraq to that of the Nazis in France. Well, here’s what a senior British army officer has to say about the matter:

“Speaking from his base in southern Iraq, the officer said: “My view and the view of the British chain of command is that the Americans’ use of violence is not proportionate and is over-responsive to the threat they are facing. They don’t see the Iraqi people the way we see them. They view them as untermenschen. They are not concerned about the Iraqi loss of life in the way the British are. Their attitude towards the Iraqis is tragic, it’s awful.”

Is the above more lefty, pro-terrorist propaganda? Surely it’s the work of some insidious stooges of Bin Laden, must have been published in some pro-Arab newspaper, eh?


The source of the above quote is The Telegraph. Or, as it’s more commonly known, The Torygraph. It says a lot about the fractured situation and the evil being done in Iraq in our names when such a pillar of the establishment dares to print criticism of the US military.

“The phrase untermenschen – literally “under-people” – was brought to prominence by Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf, published in 1925. He used the term to describe those he regarded as racially inferior: Jews, Slaves and gipsies.”(Source: The Telegraph)

So there you have it. Not from a lefty like me, not from a lefty news source but from a serving British officer. The US military is behaving like Nazis in Iraq.

Remember that the next time you see some arrogant quote from Paul Bremer criticising Spain’s withdrawal. This man is basically the chief Nazi in charge of all the stormtroopers currently murdering unarmed Iraqi civilians (or, as they call them, “insurgents”). Give as much creedence to his pronouncements as you would to Goering or Hess. I choose those names because, after all, he’s only following orders.

So what does that make George Bush?