Why I Love The Prime Minister

“Spain’s new prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has given orders for Spanish troops in Iraq to be brought home in “as short a time as possible”.

In a televised address to the nation, he said he could not ignore what he called the will of the Spanish people.

Spain’s foreign minister told his Egyptian counterpart the pull-out would be “within 15 days”, the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement.”(Source: BBC News)

Well, you didn’t actually think I meant Butcher Blair, did you?

This is the composition of illegal invaders in Iraq:

US: 135,000
UK: 8,700
Italy: 3,000
Poland: 2,400
Ukraine: 1,650
Spain: 1,300
Australia: 850
Japan: 550
(Source: BBC News)

As you can see from the figures, Spain doesn’t have a large presence compared to the UK or US. But the message sent to Blair and Bush couldn’t be more clear:

Spain and the Spanish people want no part in the massacre of innocents now taking place in Iraq.