Another Blair Lie Exposed

“President George Bush first asked Tony Blair to support the removal of Saddam Hussein from power at a private White House dinner nine days after the terror attacks of 11 September, 2001.”(Source: The Guardian)

So much for Blair’s agonised pursuit of UN action: all the time he was pantomiming his support for the UN process, he’d already done the deal with Dubya to invade Iraq no matter what.

Butcher Blair happily continued to lie to Parliament all the way until the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Remember what us ‘misguided’ antiwar protestors were saying back then? We were claiming that Blair was lying, that he had no interest whatsoever in any possible peaceful resolution and that he’d buddied up with Bush to carve up Iraq between them.

Well, who was right?

There never were any WMDs, there never were weapons targeted at Britain that could attack us ‘within 45 minutes’ and the removal of Hussein was just a sham to cover the true objectives: oil and establishing US military dominance.

“But the implications for Blair may be still more explosive. The discussion implies that, even before the bombing of Afghanistan, Blair already knew that the US intended to attack Saddam next, although he continued to insist in public that ‘no decisions had been taken’ until almost the moment that the invasion began in March 2003. His critics are likely to seize on the report of the two leaders’ exchange and demand to know when Blair resolved to provide the backing that Bush sought.”(Source: The Guardian)

Just today, the illegal forces occupying Iraq shot more Iraqi civilians dead for daring to declare their right to run their own country. This is a perfect cover for the current USK line. What we’re being told now is forget the war, that was a long time ago and surely you can see that the troops need to be there to stop civil war?

That works wonderfully for the US. After all, the US government doesn’t give a damn about the lives of any US troops lost as long as its military objectives are met. Lives are cheap to every government. So, they invaded, de-stablised the country to a point of infrastructural collapse (after years of deadly sanctions, remember) and now can use the disorder to prolong their illegal occupation of this oil-rich nation.

This is the real story behind all the sanitised headlines we see everyday from Iraq. They can’t cover up the actual deaths but they can put a pro-USK spin on everything they report.

And how about “The War On Terrorism?” Surely the inavsion of Iraq has combatted the spread of anti-US terror groups? No:

“The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has accelerated the spread of Osama bin Laden’s anti-Americanism among once local Islamic militant movements, increasing danger to the United States as the al Qaeda network is becoming less able to mount attacks, according to senior intelligence officials at the CIA and State Department.”(Source: Washington Post)

And that’s according to J. Cofer Black, a former head of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism unit, not some beardy lefty.

Well done George! You’ve murdered tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, sent your own citizens to die for you in an illegal war and all it’s done is make the US more of a target!

If all of the above worries and disturbs you, I’d ask you to please take five mintues to read this article. Here’s a chilling excerpt:

“American troops had come to the police station and had smashed the back window of the Volvo so that no traces remained of the bullet holes.”(Source: ZMag)

God bless America!