Screamadelica 23/3/2004 + Derby At Six Freaking AM

We got there a bit earlier this week and so sauntered around a serenely empty club. Very restful.

Then, all of a sudden, hundreds of people piled in and it was was busy as normal. Great music and lots of people I haven’t seen out in ages. I managed to get better photos this week cos the smoke machine was knackered. Bad for the DJs, good for me!

Keith DJ invited a ragtag fleet of us back to his and we kept the poor bastard up till 6. Heh. That’ll learn him! NO SLEEP TILL RIPLEY!

By this time, me, Matt and Robbie were feeling peckish so we headed off to find breakfast. No-bastard-where was open! Tsk… slackers! We were up for breakfast, WHERE WERE YOU?? Thank god for the little kiosky place just near the Guildhall. Lovely egg and bacon baps and hot chocolate. Mmmmm…

I took loads of pics of the morning in town just because there was some lovely budding sunlight. Derby looked so…clean.

Click here for the piccies!