Bless Playlist 22/3/2004

Not as good as last week but I still did well cos I managed to cram in many, many new tracks, some pre-release.

To tell the truth, my mind was wandering a bit tonight. Although I enjoyed it, I was still remembering Saturday and the feeling of being on the antiwar demo. Tonight felt like a bit of an anti-climax after that, slightly meaningless and empty. That’s one reason I stuck on a lot of antiwar songs like Pipi’s ‘WMD’ and Metric’s ‘Succexy.’ One hip hop, one indie, both excellent songs from artists who actually give a shit about the world beyond their navels.

Top new tune tonight was Phoenix’ ‘Run, Run, Run.’ If this track doesn’t make the top ten, there ain’t no justice. It’s a brilliant combination of melody and properly danceable, head-nodding rhythm. So many indie bands fail hideously when they attempt to ‘get funky’ (step forward Shed Seven and Starsailor). Phoenix don’t even have to think about it: they just have the funk.

The top old tune tonight was The Velvelettes. What a pop song! What a chorus! Mmmm…

Tonight, you heard:

The Walkmen – Little House Of Savages
Fudge Tunnel – Cat Scratch Fever
Snog ? Real Estate Man
Young Gunz – Friday Night
Phoenix – Run Run Run
Minus The Bear – Women We Haven’t Met Yet
Poison The Well – To Mandate Heaven
The Velvelettes – He Was Really Sayin? Somethin
Pipi Skid – WMD
Fucking Champs ? I Am The Album Cover
R.E.M. – Driver 8
Metric – Succexy
Syndromne – Ifni
Stephen Malkmus ? Jenny & The Ess-Dog
RZA – A Day To God Is 1000 Years
Slayer – Aggressive Perfector [Bonus Track]
Modest Mouse – Satin In A Coffin
LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
Kanye West – We Don’t Care
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
The James Taylor Quartet – Theme From Starsky And Hutch
Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
The Juan Maclean – By The Time I Get To Venus
Get Up Kids – How Long Is Too Long
Raising The Fawn – Gwendolyn
At The Drive-In – Heliotrope
Pace Won – Take Me With You
Daedelus – Something Bells
Ben Folds Five – Battle Of Who Could Care Less
Death Cab For Cutie – I Was A Kaleidoscope
Japan – Life In Tokyo
The Blood Brothers – Fucking’s Greatest Hits
Fugazi – Life And Limb
Eu – Me
Jon Brion – Here We Go
Funkstorung – Bjork ‘All Is Full Of Love (In Love With Funkstorung Remix)’