Tits, Tits, TITS!

“Congress is weighing legislation that would up the maximum penalty for indecency violations from $27,500 to $500,000 per incident.”(Source: MTV, March 19th)

I just googled the word “tits” and found the above picture.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Now, having seen those tits, those, boobs, those knockers, baps, mams, hooters, those boy magnets, you will be corrupted FOREVER!

Thank our lord in heaven that the brave moral authorities of the USA are protecting their citizens from any more bared women’s chests. Janet Jackson’s tit must have caused untold harm and depraved millions of viewers. She should be shot simply for having two of them! Now, the US’ moral arbiters are cracking down on grand old words like FUCK . For Howard Stern – that’s 50% of his vocabulary censored. But he must understand, hearing the word FUCK renders the listener instantly evil – everyone knows that.

Of course, you can switch on your TV in Amerika (or the UK) and see men boxing any time you want. Men inflicting permanent brain damage on each other for piles of money and your entertainment: that’s wholesome family fun!

I must be mad then. Because I’d rather see blokes on telly kissing than punching the fuck out of each other. We shiver in moral outrage at the gladiators of ancient Rome but we’re no better: we pay men to kill each other and themselves for our sport.

But back to tits…

Here’s my problem with tit censorship: tits aren’t evil.

Women aren’t evil, as much as certain branches of organised religions try to label them as such. Women’s bodies, women’s sexuality, women’s genitalia – none of that is evil. It’s just flesh, just the human body. Get used to it. It’s what we are.

What message do you send out when you censor bare breasts? By implication, you’re saying there’s something evil, sinful, something dirty about them.

Why has the whole of the US gone mad over Janet Jackson’s tit? Why aren’t those column inches and letters of outrage aimed at the fact that they have a war criminal for president and have illegally invaded and occupied Iraq?

What kind of mentality is more motivated into protest by the sight of an exposed breast than the carnage in Iraq?

Are These Men Commie Pinkos Too?

Quote 1:

“A veteran White House anti-terrorism official has accused President George Bush of ignoring the threat from al-Qa’ida before 11 September 2001 – and then at once seeking to hold Iraq responsible, despite being told by intelligence advisers that Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks.”(Source: The Independent)

The White House veteran denouncing the president is Richard Clarke. This is a man who served Reagan, Bush Snr. and Bush Jnr. Does he sound like a lefty stoner student with a roomful of home made bongs and unwashed Che t-shirts?


Quote 2:

“There was no reason for us to become involved in Iraq recently. That was a war based on lies and misinterpretations from London and from Washington, claiming falsely that Saddam Hussein was responsible for [the] 9/11 attacks, claiming falsely that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And I think that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair probably knew that many of the allegations were based on uncertain intelligence … a decision was made to go to war [then people said] ‘Let’s find a reason to do so’.”(Source: The Independent)

Who said that? Was it that bloody lefty John Pilger? Or Noam Chomsky or Robert Fisk?


That was a quote from former president Jimmy Carter. This is the man who ran one of the superpowers when the Cold War was still on, who daily had to go toe-to-toe against the Soviet Union. This is the man who had his finger on the launch button for the nuclear arsenal of America.

I’m not saying that because I think becoming the President of the USA automatically makes you intelligent or informed. Dubya is proof that’s untrue.

I’m saying it so when the current warhawk administration try to rubbish everything Carter said, you remember that by their own standards, this man once ranked supreme in the USA.

Similarly, now the White House backlash has swung into gear against Clarke, remember that his judgement was once so highly valued that he served three US presidents. Has it evaporated overnight? The same as Carter’s and anyone else who doesn’t believe in the PNAC?

But I forget – we’re all wrong, aren’t we? Only Bush and Blair, who both claim to have a direct line to GOD, have the truth. Carter, Clarke, Short, Cook, the millions of people who marched two days ago – anyone who disagrees with these new Christian crusaders must be a perverted supporter of terrorism.

Surely you can see that?

Bless Playlist 22/3/2004

Not as good as last week but I still did well cos I managed to cram in many, many new tracks, some pre-release.

To tell the truth, my mind was wandering a bit tonight. Although I enjoyed it, I was still remembering Saturday and the feeling of being on the antiwar demo. Tonight felt like a bit of an anti-climax after that, slightly meaningless and empty. That’s one reason I stuck on a lot of antiwar songs like Pipi’s ‘WMD’ and Metric’s ‘Succexy.’ One hip hop, one indie, both excellent songs from artists who actually give a shit about the world beyond their navels.

Top new tune tonight was Phoenix’ ‘Run, Run, Run.’ If this track doesn’t make the top ten, there ain’t no justice. It’s a brilliant combination of melody and properly danceable, head-nodding rhythm. So many indie bands fail hideously when they attempt to ‘get funky’ (step forward Shed Seven and Starsailor). Phoenix don’t even have to think about it: they just have the funk.

The top old tune tonight was The Velvelettes. What a pop song! What a chorus! Mmmm…

Tonight, you heard:

The Walkmen – Little House Of Savages
Fudge Tunnel – Cat Scratch Fever
Snog ? Real Estate Man
Young Gunz – Friday Night
Phoenix – Run Run Run
Minus The Bear – Women We Haven’t Met Yet
Poison The Well – To Mandate Heaven
The Velvelettes – He Was Really Sayin? Somethin
Pipi Skid – WMD
Fucking Champs ? I Am The Album Cover
R.E.M. – Driver 8
Metric – Succexy
Syndromne – Ifni
Stephen Malkmus ? Jenny & The Ess-Dog
RZA – A Day To God Is 1000 Years
Slayer – Aggressive Perfector [Bonus Track]
Modest Mouse – Satin In A Coffin
LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
Kanye West – We Don’t Care
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
The James Taylor Quartet – Theme From Starsky And Hutch
Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
The Juan Maclean – By The Time I Get To Venus
Get Up Kids – How Long Is Too Long
Raising The Fawn – Gwendolyn
At The Drive-In – Heliotrope
Pace Won – Take Me With You
Daedelus – Something Bells
Ben Folds Five – Battle Of Who Could Care Less
Death Cab For Cutie – I Was A Kaleidoscope
Japan – Life In Tokyo
The Blood Brothers – Fucking’s Greatest Hits
Fugazi – Life And Limb
Eu – Me
Jon Brion – Here We Go
Funkstorung – Bjork ‘All Is Full Of Love (In Love With Funkstorung Remix)’