Fight The Power!

This Saturday, I’ll be joining hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of other ordinary people all around the globe in a protest. What’s it about? Well…

–> We’re protesting that the US and its lackeys illegally invaded a non-aggressor country, citing pre-emptive attack as a justification. The exact same defence used by the Nazis in their Nuremberg trials. Yes, our great, freedom-loving leaders are openly following Nazi doctrine.

–> We’re protesting that the last year has been misrepresented and distorted by the mass media. Between “embedded” reporters, self-censorship and government control, the real atrocities committed in Iraq by the invaders were never shown. Therefore, for most people, they don’t exist.

–> We’re protesting that war criminals like George Bush and Tony Blair lie protected behind their state power. These men have been personally responsible for over 10,000 Iraqi deaths. If the bombers of Madrid were evil in their slaughter of 200 people, what does that make Bush and Blair?

–>But most of all we’re protesting to try and stop this happening again.

There is little doubt now that the US is actively pursuing the doctrine set out in the PNAC document. This policy is basically one of establishing the US as the dominant superpower through a series of wars. Object lessons of the US’ might, to frighten us all into submission.

Iraq was simply the first rung on the ladder of PNAC.

How many more people will die as a result of a right-wing cabal’s psychotic plans for power? Now that the Soviet Union is long gone, what other superpower can challenge America’s dominance?

Only one: us.

We have to fight the power. We have to go beyond words and physically get on the streets, in such numbers that we can’t be ignored. It’s not enough to grumble at the news, Bush and Blair won’t hear you. We have to make the news for them to be affected.

Now is the time we most need to stand up and be counted. Our glorious leader, Butcher Blair, has made Britain into Airstrip One. We have to show him we don’t want to remain a US staging post.

Last year, we created the biggest political demonstration in British history to try and stop Blair. We did that. Last year. Not back in the 60s, not back in the 80s – last year. And even though the mass media typically obscured the true importance of that demo, it had an effect on Blair. It reigned him in, albeit marginally. We saved lives. If I can save a life simply by marching a few miles, I think that’s a good use of my time.

This is what you must realise: you have power. You can change your own life, you can change the entire world, if you’d only try. Ignore the chattering classes and the Murdoch-owned media: their agenda is to make you feel powerless and impotent. Cynicism, sarcasm and apathy will only lead you into a life not lived, a ghost life.

It’s as simple as this: if you give up your time/money to make it to an antiwar protest this Saturday, you may help to change history. Just the same as the Spanish people did when they voted out the warmonger Aznar. You very possibly may help to change US foreign policy, saving lives yet to be lost to the liberating cluster bombs of the USAF.

Even more simply, this is our world. We’re torn between madmen whichever way you look. Madmen distorting Islam and creating the horrific carnage of the WTC attack or madmen following the dictates of free-market capitalism to its ultimate reduction: war. We can’t let these madmen run our lives, we can’t let them drag us into wars that benefit only their own insane philosophies. We have to take a stand against terrorism, whether it’s carried out by Al Quaeda or our own governments.

I said this last year but it bears repeating: I’ve often heard people wonder how Hitler could have carried out such evil in Germany. Surely all the Germans knew what was going on and therefore must have been evil too?

Well, look around you. Our government, our armed forces have carried out exactly the same evil and what are the mass of the UK population doing about it? Are we storming parliament in protest? Are we imprisoning Blair? Or are we just opening another beer and sticking the telly on? How will history judge our action or inaction? Do you want to be an accessory to murder?

If the answer is no, then do something about it, reclaim the freedom that’s being stolen from you. You can do that. You can make a difference.

You can change the world and your own future.