Ima Nemic & Komakino at Bar Vida, 9/3/2004

I should say that Plans And Apologies also played this gig. But I didn’t take any more pics of them cos already there are too many rumours going round concerning how much I fancy them. All true… but nothing compared to Dave’s new band therapy. They played another brilliant gig, Mandy was man of the match.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Ima Nemic and I liked them a lot. I was initially a bit worried they’d be a White Stripes-a-like (two piece, drums + guitar…) but they sounded bugger-all like that. Thank god. What they did sound like was bits of Sonic Youth mashed up with slivers of The Boredoms and a sprinkling of Butthole Surfers. Certainly mad bastards to keep an eye on.

Komakino played a great gig too, very taut and poppy. I’d be very surprised if they weren’t snapped up by some big label soon. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as their last Vic gig but if anything, I could hear the song structures more clearly. Give that PA bloke an extra fiver!

All in all, a very cool night. I saw three good bands for FREE and even got to dance round with the Ima Nemic lads at Screamadelica afterwards. 🙂

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