Screamadelica 9/3/2004

That’s how I feel now. I got to Scream about 11.30 or so (after seeing three excellent bands for nowt at Bar Vida) and I swear I danced till 2. I only stopped a couple of times, first for the furshlugginer White Stripes and then for summat else pooey.

Tonight was just brilliant. As it was even fuller than last week, the DJs could easily have gone mainstream but if anything they pulled more obscure stuff out of the crates. Ulrich Schnauss, Hooker, The Shins, The Postal Service: they really mixed it up. Even when they played known bands like ATDI and the Pixies, they played different tracks.

Now my back hurts so goddamn much I’m wincing as I type this. Ah well, what’s a little pain when you’re dancing with your mates and assorted random gorgeous women? I don’t reckon I’ll be clubbing in ten years time so now’s the time to fuck my spine up.


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