Bless Playlist 8/3/2004

After some initial low bass problems, the night went very smoothly. Fewer people than last week so I could slip in some stranger (and quieter!) stuff. Sometimes it’s good to have a more sedate night 🙂 Saying that, before I’d even sat down I got a request for Decapitated (which I played first) so it wasn’t *that* sedate…

Top new tune tonight was Raising The Fawn’s ‘Gwendolyn.’ Well, it’s not really new since the album’s not on release till May. But you know what I mean. Top old tune was ‘Why’ by The Cues, which went down amazingly well. A lot of peeps also dug Rza’s ‘A Day To God…’ – I had three people asking about it!

You have been watching:

Decapitated – Spheres Of Madness
Myracle Brah – This Is Where We Belong
Nas – The Message
Karl Bartos – I’m The Message
Tomahawk – God Hates A Coward
Jeans Team – Baby 3=1+2
Embrace – Money
Cable – Whisper Firing Line
Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
Slayer – Reborn
Akufen – Jeep Sex
Buzzcocks – Boredom
Sebadoh – On Fire
Rza – A Day To God Is 1000 Years
Raising The Fawn – Gwendolyn
Stereo Total – Fur Immer 16
The Cramps – Garbageman
Desaparecidos – Survival Of The Fittest
Metallica – Fuel
The Cues – Why
Orange Juice – What Presence!
I-F – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Jedi Mind Tricks – Walk With Me
Death Cab For Cutie – Photobooth
Propagandhi – Nation States
Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing
Sonic Youth – Sunday
Megadeath – Symphony Of Destruction
Chris Clark – Indigo Optimus
Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
Bad Religion – Supersonic
Death In Vegas – Dirt
Boo Radleys – Smile Fades Fast
The Books – The Future Wouldn’t That Be Nice
Kaito – Thwipside
Ricky Nelson – Stood Up
Teenage Fanclub – Mellow Doubt
Digable Planets – La Femme Fetal
Ben Folds Five – Battle Of Who Could Care Less
Depeche Mode – Leave In Silence (Longer)
Tim Buckley – Once I Was