The Worst UK Serial Killer

“Police want to interview every serial killer in the UK in an attempt to better understand how they operated and to identify how early arrests can be made in future cases with other killers, it emerged today.”Source: The Guardian

So, the police wish to better understand the mind of serial killers? I can understand that: in their spare time between beating up black men for no reason, they might want to catch a few murderers.

But why are they trying to analyse the minds of those who kill ten or so people? What a piffling amount!

Here’s a free tip, coppers. Find your way to Downing Street, Number 10. You can’t miss it, it’s got a big, black shiny door. Knock and if it’s opened by a smiling bastard, you’ve now met the biggest serial killer alive in the UK. I’m sure he’d love to sit you down and explain how it was perfectly reasonable for him to order the murder of thousands of people who never did him any harm. Who he never even met. He’ll probably even say it was for their own good, seeing as how he’s a devout Christian and all that.

Yorkshire Ripper? Washinton Sniper? Pah!

Mere amateurs compared to our Tony…