World Crisis Website

I found out about this site because Danny Dayus, the site’s creator, liked one of my antiwar rants (Click here to see it, together with an amazingly incoherent comment).

It’s a very well-organised site, one of the best resources I’ve seen in terms of political analysis. Well worth checking out if you want a broader view than my somewhat more personal antiwar ranting.

World Crisis Website

Our Wonderful British Bobbies!

“An inquiry into an alleged assault by an officer in Manchester, which was captured on CCTV, is to be supervised by the Police Complaints Authority.

Video footage played in court apparently showed an officer repeatedly kicking Delbo King while on the ground.”Source: BBC News

I’ve just seen the CCTV footage and there’s no apparently about it. You can clearly see a man on the floor, his hands cuffed behind him. Then you can see two of our brave, noble British bobbies holding him down while a third repeatedly kicks him in the back and head. Then a clip showed them bundling him into a van, deliberately banging him against the top of the doorway.

Doesn’t it make you proud? We’ve got the best police force in the world. Unless you’re black, of course. Then they’ll just beat the shit out of you even when you’re already handcuffed and on the floor. Oh, and they don’t like Asians much either. Or Irish. Or gays. Apart from that, you should be fine though.

There’s currently a particularly cloying and irritating series of adverts running, trying to encourage people to join our fine, “institutionally racist” police force. Here’s a new ad I’ve just written for them:

“Sometimes people just need a beating.
Blacks, Asians, Irish, queers. Not one-on-one of course: they might hit you back. So you need a couple of mates to hold the bastards down.
I don’t know if I could lay into a man as he lay, handcuffed on the floor, unable to defend himself. Could you?”

The British Police – fancy beating the shit out of people and getting away with it?

The Worst UK Serial Killer

“Police want to interview every serial killer in the UK in an attempt to better understand how they operated and to identify how early arrests can be made in future cases with other killers, it emerged today.”Source: The Guardian

So, the police wish to better understand the mind of serial killers? I can understand that: in their spare time between beating up black men for no reason, they might want to catch a few murderers.

But why are they trying to analyse the minds of those who kill ten or so people? What a piffling amount!

Here’s a free tip, coppers. Find your way to Downing Street, Number 10. You can’t miss it, it’s got a big, black shiny door. Knock and if it’s opened by a smiling bastard, you’ve now met the biggest serial killer alive in the UK. I’m sure he’d love to sit you down and explain how it was perfectly reasonable for him to order the murder of thousands of people who never did him any harm. Who he never even met. He’ll probably even say it was for their own good, seeing as how he’s a devout Christian and all that.

Yorkshire Ripper? Washinton Sniper? Pah!

Mere amateurs compared to our Tony…

772 Days Of American Terror

“Five of the nine Britons held without trial by the Americans at Guantanamo Bay are to be returned to the United Kingdom, Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, announced yesterday.

As their families celebrated their release, international concern focused on the plight of up to 660 terror suspects, including a further four Britons, still being held in the high-security camp.”Source: The Independent

What do you call a group who kidnaps civilians for political reasons and holds them captive in conditions decried by Amnesty International?

I would call them a terrorist group.

I don’t care whether they’re drug-addled German students or the crypto-fascist clique now in control of the US government – they’re terrorists.

772 days and there’s not one shred of evidence that the British detainees have any terrorist connections. If there were, they wouldn’t be about to be returned. And what did David Blunkett say when asked about their ferociousness?

“…no one who is returned … will actually be a threat to the security of the British people”.

Great! Thanks for clearing that matter up, David! So why did you let the US terrorists hold them hostage for 772 days?

Imagine if your son or daughter, your wife or husband was seized by the government of, say, Korea and held captive for 772 days. When questioned, the Korean government simply replied that your loved one was a dangerous terrorist suspect. When asked to supply proof of this serious charge, even the barest atom of proof, the government replied that it did not have to since it was fighting to protect the freedom of the entire world. Can you imagine the outcry from the US? Can you imagine the blustering, righteous speeches from our own MPs? And yet, when the rogue nation is the USA, all international censure seems to fade and wither.

This is the arrogance of American imperialism: that the US government can simply do any damned thing it pleases and justify it on the grounds of the wind blowing a certain way or some invented WMD/terrorist link. It can illegally kidnap British citizens and hold them in a torture camp whose Orwellian logo includes the phrase ‘Defending Freedom’ and the British government just rolls over and whimpers affectionately.

The release of these detainees is not some sudden act of conscience by the US terrorists, it’s an act of political expediency:

“Clive Stafford Smith, the British human rights lawyer representing a group of detainees, has challenged the legality of the prison in Guantanamo Bay in the US Supreme Court. He said the decision was a “cynical” attempt to avoid embarrassment over the court’s likely ruling, which is expected in June – months before the US presidential election. “The US Supreme Court will say the Bush administration has been acting illegally,” Mr Stafford Smith told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme. “With the election set for November, George Bush doesn’t want that from the court that put him in office in the first place.”

The US government: peace by war, freedom by slavery, protecting life by murdering thousands.

And now, guilty until proved innocent.