Who Are The Nazis Now?

“24 January 2004
David Kay, who stood down yesterday as head of the Bush administration’s hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, said that he did not believe that any stockpiles of such weapons ever existed.”
(Source:The Independent

Yet another report from the highest levels confirming what every non-racist, non-warhawk person thought before the USK strafed Iraq into a free, liberated rubble of dead bodies.

But we were the blind fools, weren’t we? Us, the peaceniks, hippies, commies, anarchists – misguided idiots. We were called appeasers, Hussein was compared to Hitler by the yellow media of the West. All of our craven, cokehead politicians pointed to made-up dossiers, falsified intelligence reports and the other bumpf that was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the pro-war idiots who backed the invasion of Iraq. Hussein’s WMDs would be piling into London “within 45 minutes” according to Butcher Blair and all his drunken echoes in pubs across Britain, bellowing their patriotic bullshit.

The amount of shit I had to listen to would fill several hundred weblogs. All of it was unquestioning government propaganda regurgitated verbatim from the pages of The Sun / Daily Mail / Torygraph.

People who had no previous knowledge of or interest in international politics suddenly became experts in the history of Iraq. Funnily enough, their grasp was exactly the perspective peddled by the Blair/Bush doublespeak corporation and not one iota more. If I asked them one question out of that tiny box (for example, what links the CIA had to Al Quaeda, how many Iraqis were involved in the WTC attacks) they knew nothing. Why? Because they were too lazy to actually investigate anything for themselves. The depth of their concern didn’t extend beyond the shouting headlines.

So, who’s the real Hitler now? Who invaded a non-aggressor country and slaughtered totally innocent civilians? Who has now installed an army of occupation as beloved by the local population as the Nazis were by the French?

The tragedy is that the discourse has been so biased, so twisted that even these revelations are being framed in a way that favours the USK’s actions. A lot of people are now saying, “oooh, perhaps the Iraq invasion was wrong since there were no WMDs.”

The real truth is that even if the WMDs had existed that does not justify a pre-emptive attack. Only war criminals stage pre-emptive attacks.

Who else claimed they were staging pre-emptive attacks in self defence? The Nazis who were put on trial at Nuremberg. And what did the Tribunal say about this defense? :

“In 1946, the Nuremberg Tribunal judged that “to initiate a war of aggression is not only an international crime?; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”(Source: Alternatives)

So when I use epithets like ‘war criminal’ or ‘butcher’ for Blair and Bush, this isn’t merely lefty hyperbole on my part. These men are war criminals, as much as Hitler, Milosevic, Hussein and Sharon.

The only reason Bush and Blair aren’t on trial at this moment is that the US is the current superpower and thus flouts and ignores the UN, unless the UN bows down to it. Want some more proof of the arrogance of the US government? :

“The International Criminal Court will be the first-ever permanent international criminal court authorized to try those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes when national courts conduct sham trials or fail to investigate at all. Beginning July 1, people accused of those crimes could be brought to trial before the court, which will be located in The Hague.

President Clinton signed the Treaty on December 31, 2000. On May 6, 2002, the Bush Administration announced its intention to withdraw U.S. signature.”(Source: Human Rights Watch)

So the US wants exemption from trial for war crimes and genocides? What possible reason could an administration have for wanting that unless they were trying to cover their own arses against future prosecution?

Coming soon to an oil-rich country near you: The New American Reich.