Sony DSC-V1 Test/First Shots

I’ve been looking for a new compact digicam for a while and today I forked out for a Sony DSC-V1.

From the testing I did today, I’m very pleased with it. The AF is nippy and I love the actual look of the photos it produces. I know some people find Sony pics a bit oversaturated but I love that digi-Kodachromeness. Anyway, that’s tweakable.

The deciding factor for me was the nightshot/framing. I’m planning to use this camera when I’m out clubbing or at gigs where I don’t want to lug my 10D. The nightshot will help me out loads here and capture images that would be impossible otherwise.

To be honest, I wasn’t that arsed about the megapixel count. For the stuff I’m doing with it, anything over 2 megapixels is fine. I think a lot of people focus overly on megapixel count when what matters far more is the quality of the lens and the camera’s image processing soft/firmware. I’ve tried out a couple of other cameras recently, both more expensive than this Sony, and I was appalled at the image quality they produced. That’s why I tested the DSC quite a bit before I finally bought it.

Click here for the test pics!