Have At The Drive In Re-Formed?

Cos today, I got what appears to be a new set of lyrics from them:

“theologian twinkle priscilla persecution delve anodic inefficient preemption santayana nasal domino backwater conservatism onrush beyond monadic divalent platonic grandmother domingo territorial thematic bullfrog impute opera fuel plagued daze consequential
buses emulate lindbergh aurora rhodesia buildup fumble roadway impalpable disney shelter semaphore permit buss atropos
earthmoving cave holdover delve telltale voice btl deck bushmaster jacobs receptive barney brass ami centric driscoll nakayama kitten bromine cavern purr mahoney darrell actinide herpes taboo tum yapping brunch sappy covariant chancy
dockyard consumption erwin hundredth monument shop t absolve schwartz confiscable elgin indict cling downward multiplexor take balletic gibberish crown construe dial coco berglund laughingstock jig every transmute delegable frazier brother bellingham frenzy opprobrium incompletion
coulter holmium framework carmichael bear clatter mean pronto splotchy either comport devise about income
impracticable whose gamma scholar bailey blare meteorology affirmative deprecate bereave cessna classic ash pliocene transpacific denunciate voodoo lass remark allowance purchasable…”

And so on and so forth. Whilst not quite matching the opaque meaninglessness of ‘One Armed Scissor,’ the above could become another singalong classic.

Or it could just be some spam trying to circumvent Bayesian filtering…