Q: When Is A Serial Killer Not A Serial Killer?

A: When they kill using the force of the British state.

The news today has been chock-full of lurid details of the suicide of Dr. Harold Shipman. Newscasters have been putting on their stock “shocked and horrified” voice when talking about the murders he committed.

How many people did Dr. Shipman kill? Well, he was jailed for 15 murders but it’s been claimed he killed up to 250.

Even if it was 250, this is chicken feed compared to the tens of thousands that Tony Blair has murdered. He sent his minions to do the killing, of course, but he still has his victims’ blood dripping from his expensive suit.

Like I’ve said before, Shipman, West, Sutcliffe et al are mere beginners at butchery compared to Tony Blair.

Kill one person and you’re a monster, a ravenous beast.

Kill thousands and you’re a great leader.

Well done, Tony. I’m sure in the future you’ll be knighted for the efficiency with which you exterminated innocent civilians.