Colin Powell – Confident, Happy Mass Murderer

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Secretary of State Colin Powell acknowledged Thursday that he saw no “smoking gun, concrete evidence” of ties between Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaeda terror network, but insisted that Iraq had dangerous weapons and needed to be disarmed by force. (Source: USA Today)

Well now, isn’t that great? Thanks for clearing that up, Colin.

You don’t have (and never had) any evidence whatsoever of links between the former Iraqi regime and Al-Qaeda and yet you and your “government” of butchers, liars and murderers still managed to dupe the American public into supporting your grand adventure in Iraq. With the help of that great bastion of democracy and accuracy, the American media.

Who needs proof when God himself is on your side? Certainly not you and other psychotic madmen like Osama Bin Laden.

I ask again – how do people like this sleep at night?

Do Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and George Bush see the shattered skulls of the Iraqi children they murdered knowing full well the attack on Iraq had nothing to do with fighting the terrorists who perpetrated the WTC attck?

Those tens of thousands of Iraqis massacred by the oh-so-brave and honourable US forces – are their lives worth nothing?

When I see shots of US troops in Iraq, I see stromtroopers. I see killing machines carrying out the illegal, war crime orders of their corrupt leadership.

But let’s not dare to criticise the soldiers of the new Reich. They’re only following orders, after all. Does that sound familiar?

Here’s what yet another independent report about the so-called Iraqi menace has to say:

“Three experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said in a report Thursday that the Bush administration systematically misrepresented a weapons threat from Iraq, and U.S. strategy should be revised to eliminate the policy of unilateral preventive war.

“It is unlikely that Iraq could have destroyed, hidden or sent out of the country the hundreds of tons of chemical and biological weapons, dozens of Scud missiles and facilities engaged in the ongoing production of chemical and biological weapons that officials claimed were present without the United States detecting some sign of this activity,” said the report by Jessica T. Mathews, Joseph Cirincione and George Perkovich. ((Source: USA Today)

And also:

“With nary a WMD to show for its work, the 400-member team searching for military equipment in Iraq has packed up and gone home. Although more than 1,000 member of the Iraq Survey Group remain on the hunt, it now appears the Bush administration’s weapons of mass destruction mantra was propaganda for mass deception. How much attention will the mainstream media now devote to investigating the unfolding of the WMD affair and who in the administration should be held accountable for perpetuating this monumental fabrication? (

But of course you’ve heard about this withdrawal, haven’t you? It’s been on all the news bulletins and plastered on the headlines. It hasn’t? Hmmm…that’s amazing! One might suspect that the fearless, independent mass media were perhaps stooges of USK war policy. If one were a complete cynic or mad communist, of course.

Everyday on our TV, we see news reports of gruesome murders and violent crimes. Petty evil compared to the massacre in Iraq. Meanwhile, mass murderers like Tony Blair, Colin Powell and George Bush go about their business happily, protected by their governments and the state apparatus around them. Nothing can touch them, they’re beyond the law, beyond justice.

Remember that the next time you’re asked to wave the Union Jack or you see some stirring report about plucky US soldiers.