Bless Playlist 5/1/2004

A bit of a depressing night for me because, bizarrely, the night is doing very well. I thought it’d be a dead spell after New Year but the Bless was full compared to other places in town. But that meant I had to play loads of requests again.

It’s a puzzle, innit? I want people to have a good time, of course, but the main reason I started doing this night was to play new, unheard bands. And that seems to be slipping away. If you do a casual examination of tonight’s setlist below, you’ll see a load of bands/tracks that I also played last week. I figure at least ten or so. For me, that’s about eight more than I want.

But if I get very strict on requests, I’ll alienate the people who are coming back and supporting the night. And as if the existing repeats weren’t bad enough, I’m now having people request more than one track by the same band in the same night. That path is surely the expressway to the dark side…

I did manage to cram in a lot of stuff I’ve never ever played before but nowhere near as much as I planned. And the amount of hip hop and electronic stuff I played tonight was pitiful. This depressed me greatly afterwards: I don’t want to end up doing dull rock/indie DJing, there has to be a greater mix of genres going on.

So… next week, maybe I’ll have to be more firm. Either that or do Ian DJ’s old trick of just saying yes to every request pleasantly and not playing any of them. 🙂

Phew! Tonight’s top old track was Dave Brubeck’s ‘Unsquare Dance.’ The best new track was Imitation Electric Piano’s ‘Theme…’

Tonight you heard:

Jarcrew – Paris + The New Math
Sense Field – Memory
Del The Funky Homosapien – Skull & Crossbones
Le Tigre – Let’s Run
The Stills – Allisson Krausse
Throwdown – Unite
Playgroup – Number One
Capdown – Cousin Cleatus
Imitation Electric Piano – Theme For An Imitation Electric Piano
Raymond Scott – Hostess- Twinkies
Thrice – All That’s Left
Weezer – Mykel And Carli
Sleater-Kinney – Step Aside
Reks – Baby Boy Featuring B.Knox
Less Than Jake – Kehoe
Gang Of Four – I Found That Essence Rare
Pavement – Flux=Rad
Poison The Well – To Mandate Heaven
Madness – My Girl
Saves The Day – Through Being Cool
Jake Mandell – Sphang
Anti Pop Consortium – Nude Paper
NoFX/Rancid – Stickin In My Eye
John Barry – Amicalement Votre
Dismemberment Plan – Time Bomb
Franz Ferdinand – Darts Of Pleasure
Cylob – Rewind
International Noise Conspiracy – The Black Mask
Modest Mouse – Out Of Gas
Dave Brubeck – Unsquare Dance
Thursday – I Am The Killer
Ween – I’m Dancing In The Show Tonight
Lightyear – Shatners Bassoon
Bad Religion – American Jesus
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria [12″ Mix]
Refused – New Noise
Ladytron – Black Plastic
Get Up Kids – Red Letter Day
Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride
Camper Van Beethoven – Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Wedding Present – Nobodys Twisting Your Arm
Bradford – Gang Of One
Devo – The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
Rezillos – Top Of The Pops
Howlin’ Wolf – Spoonful
Red Army Choir – Kalinka
Lalo Schifrin – Nunzio In Love
Jonathan Richman – (She’s Gonna) Respect Me