White Town 1989

Tonight, I was going through a pile of crap and I found a contact sheet of photos of White Town circa 1989 (or, at a push, ’90 but I reckon ’89). I don’t actually have full-sized versions of these shots so I bunged the contact sheet on the scanner and just blew up the photos, hence the grunginess of the shots. Click here for the pics!

Hmmm…fifteen years! I’ve got less hair and I’m a bit fatter but I don’t think I look that different. The other lads in the pics are Sean Deegan and Nick Glyn-Davies (Nick’s wearing the classic ’80s Brit indie long coat). I haven’t seen Sean in ages but Nick looks about the same now too.

The building in the photos is the legenday Dial, which was recently bulldozed. It was a lovely old building and the first venue White Town played at, back in 1989. Of course, we had to have some photos done there 🙂

Hmmm…I seem rife with nostalgia tonight. Must be the turning of the year…