George & Gertrude – Why British Gas Was Right To Murder Them

“The discovery of two pensioners who died weeks after their gas supply was cut off because of an unpaid bill of ?140 led a coroner to call for a review of the law yesterday.

George Bates, 89, and his wife Gertrude, 86, were found on 18 October in the living room of the house they had lived in for 63 years after a neighbour called the police.”(Source: The Independent)

I’ve just watched the news reports where a vox pop had people complaining bitterly about British Gas’ actions. They said it was immoral for BG to cut off these elderly and apparently confused pensioners.

Filthy Communist nonsense!

We should be applauding British Gas’ sterling support of capitalist principles.

What matters more than profit – NOTHING!

Anyone that implies that old people who have managed to live through two world wars deserve some kind of special treatment is obviously a bleeding heart liberal.

Who cares if George and Gertrude were at risk – British Gas have profits to make. Those vastly entertaining adverts featuring Ricky Tomlinson don’t come free, y’know! And the directors must have those large salaries and thick carpets in their boardrooms. Don’t want their sensitive tootsies to get cold, do we?

This is the GLORY of capitalism – it’s the perfect way to manage the allocation of limited resources, based around the market system.

If old people haven’t enough money to pay (or have, like George & Gertrude but are too confused to realise it) then let them freeze to death! Anyone who disagrees with that is a utopian socialist, a rank fool!

So let’s hear it for British Gas, that ?140 was well worth killing two old people for. I think they should win the award for Capitalists Of The Year.

I await the no-doubt hilarious British Gas Xmas adverts featuring Ricky Tomlinson cavorting with the corpses of other old people BG have cut off.

Merry Christmas everyone, God bless us everyone!