Gaddafi – Courageous Statesman or the new Saddam?

The good news is that, as is apparent from every lowbrow comedy show, Saddam Hussein has been caught and will hopefully be tried for the atrocities he committed. Perhaps then the gassed Kurds, murdered Shiite rebels and other victims of his tyrannical regime will receive some posthumous justice.

The bad news is that posthumous justice means shit.

What would have been good is justice while they could have appreciated it. Or, even better, not having been murdered in the first place.

But, as Noam Chomsky highlights, that’s an angle the Western media seem to be conveniently overlooking:

“Last December, Jack Straw, Britain’s foreign secretary, released a dossier of Saddam’s crimes drawn almost entirely from the period of firm U.S.-British support of Saddam.

With the usual display of moral integrity, Straw’s report and Washington’s reaction overlooked that support.” (ZMag)

As I’ve pointed out to people till I’m blue in the bloody face, the massacre of the Kurds was carried out in 1988. Back then, Hussein was the West’s friend. Everything he did, he did with either our full support or when we’d conveniently turned a blind eye. If you don’t believe that, go and google for the dates and facts. They’re all out there. Only a complete moron or a Presidential speechwriter could miss them.

We created, fed and supported the monster that was Hussein. He was our obedient little pet. When he stopped being obedient, we invaded his country and killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis to teach him a lesson. Oh, after killing hundreds of thousands more with sanctions, of course. Anyway, he had WMDs didn’t he? He didn’t? Ah well, I’m sure it was still worth killing all those Iraqi children, just to be on the safe side, eh?

What it comes down to is absolutely simple. It’s a principle so chilling that our media can never admit it’s true:

We don’t care what you do as long as you’re our friend.

Torture your citizens. Develop bioweapons. Grow the drugs that end up in our ghettoes (helps keep the troublemakers down anyway). Hell, shoot your students like dogs in the street, like the Chinese government did in Tianamen – we don’t give a shit. As long as you’re our friend. As long as you don’t oppose us in the UN, as long as you let us have military bases in your tinpot countries. As long as you’re our stooges, you’re safe. The USA and UK will wash any blood from your hands, you’ll be whiter than white. Just like Marcos, Pinochet, Noriega, Suharto and a warlord we suckled called Saddam Hussein.

But the moment you turn against us, then we’ll raise the great moral banners, decry your bioweapons and torture of prisoners. Oh, we’ll have our own bioweapons and we’ll be holding people illegally and torturing them in Camp X-Ray. But we’re allowed to do all that shit – we’re the good guys!.

And now the USK has a new friend: step foward, friendly Gaddafi! What a leader, what a true statesman – he’s doing what we tell him to! Of course, that makes him good. Forget about his known support for international terrorism, his training of IRA terrorists that helped bomb the shit out of Britain – he’s a good guy!

As Robert Fisk points out:

“That he supplied details of Al-Qa’ida operatives to us wouldn’t be surprising. They are as much a danger to Gaddafi as they were to Saddam; only that’s not quite the story that being written for us.

No indeed. Far from being another despotic little killer, Colonel Gaddafi is now, according to Jack Straw, “statesmanlike and courageous’. And as long as Mr Blair complains that the whole miserable circus in Iraq persuaded Gaddafi to disarm – even though the Libyans totally deny this – then all the lies told to us by the Prime Minister about Saddam’s 45-minute threat can be forgotten. Or so he must hope.”(ZMag)

Of course, now he’s our mate, he’ll expect something in return. We’ll probably send him shiploads of money / arms / poison gas, like we did Hussein. Which he’ll use to murder, torture and spread terror. And we won’t care. We won’t give a damn.

Because he’s our friend now.