Stop Bush!

Well, what an amazing and exhausting day!

Keyvan met me off the Derby train at 12.30 and we headed over to the march start area on Malet Street. I wanted to get there early so I could grab some food before the march…

…but when we got there, people were already congregating, as you can see in the first two pics.

It wasn’t that long a march but it was so tiring because we were going so slowly. And it was quite twisty-turny: we crossed the Thames twice.

I was just happy so many people had turned up to show Bush how a lot of British feel about his and Blair’s ‘special relationship.’ As always, the police estimate on the day was ridiculously low but I heard newscasters estimating 200,000 people. From the slowness and size of the march, I’d say this is pretty accurate, comparing it to the other demos I’ve been on this year.

When I got home, the news was full of the Istanbul bombings. It’s good to know how well the war against terror has worked – Bush and Blair’s actions are of course totally vindicated by the corpses in the Turkish rubble. I’m sure the huge increase in support, funding and operations of Al Quaeda has nothing at all to do with the bloody attack on Iraq.

No. Not at all.

Bin Laden must be thanking God for giving him a leader such as George Bush. Those of us, like the 200,000 or so in London are less pleased.

Click here for the Stop Bush photos.