Stop Bush

I nicked this from the Common Dreams site but it’s actually from The Center For American Progress. I was going to write my own rant about Bush’s nauseating speech today, but the quote below says it all.

CLAIM: “The tradition of free speech exercised with enthusiasm is alive and well here in London. We have that at home too. They now have that right in Baghdad as well.”
– President Bush, 11/19/03

FACT: “As criticism of his authority appeared in Iraqi media, occupying authority chief L. Paul Bremer III placed controls on Iraqi Media Network content and clamped down on the independent media in Iraq, closing down some Iraqi-run newspapers and radio and television stations.”
– American Prospect, 10/1/03

FACT: “American soldiers handcuffed and firmly wrapped masking tape around an Iraqi man’s mouth after they arrested him for speaking out against occupation troops. Asked why the man had been arrested and put into the back of a Humvee vehicle on Tahrir Square, the commanding officer told Reuters at the scene: ‘This man has been detained for making anti-coalition statements.’ He refused to say what the man said.”
– Reuters, 11/11/03

FACT: The British government is spending $9 million to keep Bush away from protestors.
– Washington Post, 11/19/03

Tomorrow, I hope the stage-managed propaganda machine of Bush’s visit will be wrecked by the Stop The War Coalition.

I’m dragging my fat arse down there. Are you?