Bless Playlist 3-11-2003

I had a better night tonight than last week because I didn’t play as many repeats, only two, I think. My god, Mars Volta are popular at the moment!

‘Watch This’ off the new Swollen Members album went down very well too. I’m hoping it’s going to be their big pop crossover, like the Black Eyed Peas had with ‘Where Is The Love.’ (If you order the album online, make sure you get it from Amazon Canada where it comes with a brilliant DVD at a tiny price.)

I had a couple of people ask me about the Weakerthans track and a few people looking bewildered when I played Hrvatski. Funny, I think of that as being a very accessible, poppy track. 🙂

Tonight, there wasn’t enough electronic, glitchy stuff or pre-1960s music. I’ll try and do better next week. I was pleased that one lad came up and asked for The Notwist. Yay! Also, that a couple of people say they check out these playlists I post up…so, here’s what you heard:

Thrice – All Thats Left.mp3
10_ Peaches – Set It Off
06 Ikara Colt – Belgravia
Sunny Day Real Estate – Killed By an Angel
Fischerspooner – The 15th
177,Gang Starr – Work
218,Fila Brazillia – Tunstall and Californian Haddock
132,The Valentine Killers – Where The Action Is
252,Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
239,Earth Crisis – Slither
189,Thee Headcoatees – Come Into My Mouth
467,Kurtis Blow – The Breaks
189,Far – Bury White
327,Hrvatski – vatstep dsp (TRIMMED START)
230,Weakerthans – Anchorless
159,Blossom Dearie – I Like London In The Rain
252,Krs One – Free Mumia
82,All – Problematic
265,Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
158,The Commodores – Machine Gun
182,Cornelius – Count Five Or Six
263,The Mars Volta – Inertiatic Esp
68,All Girl Summer Fun Band – Theme Song
213,Swollen Members – Watch This
162,Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
232,Crooked Fingers – New Drink for the Old Drunk
254,Eighteen Visions – Champagne And Sleeping Pills
345,Yazoo – Situation (U.S. 12′ Remixed by Francois Kervorkian)
315,the notwist – chemicals
184,Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Born to lose
187,Less Than Jake – The Science of Selling Yourself Short
220,Heatwave – Boogie Nights
201,The Normal- Warm Leatherette
179,Roy Budd – Main Theme – Carter Takes a Train
481,Depeche Mode – Get the Balance Right – Combination Mix
201,Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover