George Galloway – Expelled For Telling The Truth

George Galloway joined the Labour Party at the age of thirteen. He has fought for the principles of Labour for 36 years.

Today he was expelled from the Labour Party. Why? There were five charges levelled at Galloway, here’s the main one:

‘The Labour party chairman, Ian McCartney, said: “The NCC is a body that is fierce in its independence.

“Its deliberations came in direct response to an unprecedented number of complaints from party members and members of the public.

“The issue here is a very simple one. George Galloway incited foreign forces to rise up against British troops at a time when they were risking their lives.

“He was the only Labour MP to do this and he has never taken back or apologised for these comments.

“Any reasonable person would have been disgusted by this incitement and I believe the NCC reached the right verdict today.” (Source: The Guardian)

So Galloway incited Arabs to rise up and fight British forces? That’s not what Galloway maintains. He instead was urging Arab nations to form a cohesive oil embargo against the Western agressors:

“Examination of the TV transcript shows Galloway in fact ruled out Arab military resistance, but floated an oil embargo instead. And of course illegal orders have, since Nuremberg, to be disobeyed as a matter of law. So Labour officials later came up with two extra charges: that Galloway warned MPs they could lose votes if they backed the war and congratulated a councillor elected to Preston council on an anti-war ticket.” (Seamus Milne, The Guardian)

The ‘illegal orders’ part refers to the charge that Galloway encouraged British soldiers not to follow illegal orders. Perfectly moral and legal, which is perhaps why this statement befuddled the current coterie of murderers and child-maimers who lead New Labour.

Is it just me who feels like screaming hysterically at this development?

George Galloway is expelled from the Labout party for possibly saying something bad.

Tony Blair, who sits on top of a pile of Iraqi dead that now numbers at least ten thousand (and growing everyday), receives world plaudits and fawning coverage of his tachycardia on the BBC.

One – perhaps a bigmouth: expelled.

The other – someone who’s ordered the murder of thousands of civilians, men, women and children: nothing.

Instead, evey day we see Blair on telly, smiling and waving, proud of blowing small children into ragged strips of flesh. He’s more than that, he’s righteously bullish at the way we cluster-bombed a non-agressor nation, guaranteeing that the civilians we didn’t kill outright were maimed beyond hope. Do you remember when Blair’s SS-assistant Geoff Hoon claimed in a radio interview that Iraqi mothers would, in the future, thank the UK for killing their children? I do. It appears the cocksucking British media don’t.

Even though the mainstream media is what brought me the news of Galloway’s expulsion, every chance they get to nail Blair, they pull back. What are they scared of? Can they not see that they are as complicit in the atrocity committed against Iraq as the yellow US media were in the ’60s when America invaded Vietnam?

Why is the mainstream media not hounding Blair and the other murderers-in-residence of New Labour? Do those thousands of Iraqi lives not matter? Was it all a fucking dream?

Silly me! It’s far more important what fucking haircut Beckham’s got this week, innit? Only nutters go on about Iraq, innit? After all, it’s all over now – what’s the point of going on about it?

Who cares about the war? Who cares about truth or justice or a man like George Galloway, eaten up and spat out by the monster called Tony Blair?

Isn’t that Alex from Fame Academy brilliant?