An American Writes

The below letter is taken from Salt Lake Tribune. As great and good as the UK anti-war movement is, I’m dismayed that I’ve seen some evidence of a racist anti-American streak in some protestors. Too often the US people are confused with their rogue government.

We need to build an internationalist perspective, not fall into the trap of petty nationalism which, after all, is at the root of most wars. This passionate letter from Lynn Chidester shows how dangerously stupid anti-American racists are.

“President Bush has lied to the entire world about weapons of mass destruction, poisonous gasses, Iraq’s ties to 9-11 terrorists, al-Qaida, etc. The difference is that Bush’s lies are responsible for the deaths of innocent people killed in a practically defenseless country by the most powerful military force in the history of the world. In addition we have hundreds of patriotic Americans killed or wounded, thousands of lives disrupted, and bills left for our children to pay — all for no valid reason! But he explains his lies by charging that it’s all the fault of his subordinates.

Have we Americans become so callous, or do we just ignore the death and suffering of thousands of Iraqis just because they are not “like us”? Well, they are like us; human beings born into a situation they have no choice or control over. To put it in perspective, the next time you are in a stadium, conference hall, or shopping mall at Christmas time, visualize that number of human beings, like you and me, killed on the order of George W. Bush. Ask yourself, “What has America as a nation become? What have we as human beings become?”
Lynn Chidester
Salt Lake City”

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