Hooker, Beats Capri and Selina Kyle

This was a gig organised by the Ponce peeps at The Vic and they did a bloody good job. All three bands played excellent sets which were complementary without being at all similar.

Selina Kyle wowed me with their badass cat-rapping and slinky see-through nighties. Mmmmm… fleshy! And that’s just Alex. Rippling muscles on that man.

It was the first time I’ve seen Beats Capri and they were dead poppy so of course I loved the set. Sad that they’re about to lose a drummer – someone get them a replacement NOW!

Hooker were, if anything, better than when I saw them at the Ponce benefit gig. They’ve got a tremendous energy and it seemed like their set only lasted a couple of minutes, I was enjoying it so much. Now they just need to write some more songs so they do as many encores as the punters demand 🙂

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