Tony Blair: some blood counts, some doesn’t

Yesterday evening I wrote a small rant about the death of Dr. David Kelly. Today, it’s been confirmed that he died from having his wrists slashed. Whether he did this to himself or was the victim of USK security services, we’ll probably never know.

I also concluded yesterday’s rant by pointing out that Kelly’s death is yet more blood on Blair’s hands.

Tonight, I’ve just seen a news report about the Kelly affair and ITV almost agreed with me. Where they differed is when they asked, ‘has Tony Blair now got blood on his hands?’

Now? Where the fuck have they been since March?

Or doesn’t the blood of the thousands of Iraqi people killed by the illegal USK invasion count? Their blood is as surely on Blair and Bush’s hands as that of Dr. Kelly.

I repeat: Blair took part in the illegal invasion for pre-emptive reasons, citing that chemical and biological weapons could be launched on Britain “within 45 minutes” (his exact words).

On that basis, that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, Blair justified the attack.

Well, there are no weapons. And, apparently, both the US and UK intelligence services knew that. So Bush and Blair must also have known that.

Therefore, Tony Blair took part in the murder of over 5000 Iraqis with no real basis in defence of this realm.

Dr. Kelly’s death is tragic. But it’s the tip of a bloody pile of bodies that Blair perches on, braying his virtue and honour. This is our great leader.

A liar, a murderer, a despot.