Dr. David Kelly R.I.P.

David Kelly was a leading microbiologist who served seven years as an Unscom weapons inspector and visited Iraq on 37 occasions. His body was discovered today after his family had alerted police when he had failed to return from a walk.

I don’t yet know the full circumstances of his death – no-one does. But there are three possible paths to it.

The first is that he was placed under such great stress and pressure by the MoD / the grilling by the Foreign Affairs Select Committe that he couldn’t take it any longer and was forced to take his own life. Seems unlikely from someone resillient and confident enough to be a UN weapons inspector.

The second is that his performance yesterday was not to the approval of someone (MoD? Blair? Campbell?) and so perhaps he was given an ultimatum. Perhaps he was given the choice between ruining his professional reputation and career or else… well, family men are always vulnerable to pressure. Wives and children can easily end up in a car crash if they don’t play ball. And if that sounds too dark for you, bear in mind that the UK government has just participated in the murder of over 5000 Iraqis simply to support American imperial aims and gain access to oil.

The third possibility, one I’ve not seen speculated on so far, is that Dr. Kelly didn’t commit suicide at all. That perhaps, angered by his interrogation, he was about to make some revelation that would have further embarrassed Bush and Blair. There are many ways in which troublesome whistle-blowers can be silenced. MI6 and the CIA are experts at this.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cause of death turned out to be something like heart attack / stroke. Very convenient and much less messy than having to explain a suicide.

All of the above is, of course, pure speculation. But one thing is certain: a respected scientist, husband and father of three is now dead. More blood now drips from Tony Blair’s hands and the hands of anyone who supports his corrupt, murderous regime.