This How The Ruling Class Rule

Take a look around the Western world. Look at the bourgeois democracies like the UK and the USA. Look at their mass media. Who owns it? How free is it? Is it as fair and impartial as it maintains?

Look at the way the Western mass media conspicuously failed to do their job when the USK illegally invaded Iraq. Imagine if an official “evil” country, say Libya or North Korea, had invaded a country thousands of miles from it because it believed that country had “weapons of mass destruction.”

How would that have been reported? Say if North Korea had bombed and killed over 5000 Iraqis before occupying the country and installing a hand-picked puppet regime. What level of support for the plucky NK troops would our beloved “free” press have displayed then?

Day after day, I see reports that US soldiers are being killed, always by “Saddam loyalists.” Note, those quotation marks are mine. As MediaLens pointed out, they’re never used by the BBC when it’s repeating, verbatim, US military propaganda reports.

If an occupying North Korean army said that it was being attacked by “Saddam loyalists”, how long would it be before these were re-labelled by our media as “freedom fighters?”

If you want a precedent, look at the way the resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was portrayed as being comprised of noble freedom fighers, plucky mujaheddin battling the Soviet bear with minimal resources. When those exact same fighters end up in Al Quaida then, overnight, they become ‘evil terrorists.’ Same people, same tactics (bombing civilians, murder, terror) but a different label.

Look at how the real issue of the Iraq war, that the US and UK illegally invaded and have now occupied Iraq, is being lost in the current haze of petty squabbling between the government and the BBC over accuracy of reporting. Accuracy of reporting? Is that really the most important issue?

Where is the immediate independent judicial inquiry into the (non-existent) basis for the Iraq invasion? Where is the press concern that we are now occupying Iraq? Where is the media fury that Blair obviously lied to Parliament, the country and the whole world in his snivelling obedience to the expanding American Imperium?

In bourgeois democracies, this is how the ruling class rules. Certain questions never get asked. Troublesome reporters have their careers suddenly fizzle. Troublesome scientists are found dead in a field. Troublesome puppet regimes get replaced by new puppet regimes.

And the people? They’re mis-directed. It’s rule by sleight-of-hand. Confuse, obfuscate, manipulate and, if you’re Tony Blair, just outright lie. After all, you’re made of Teflon, nothing can stick to you: you can kill thousands and still be respectable. Even if the justification for the slaughter of the innocents (the presence of WMDs) is found to be false, the tame media will never dare attack you or ask the pertinent questions.

We sit and tut-tut at mere beginners like Dr. Shipman while the true masters of mass murder in the US and UK quietly gather their plaudits and plunder, all the time smiling and waving for the cameras.

Keep smiling.

Kelly Death: Blame Blair, not the BBC

Today, Tory MP Robert Jackson has called for the resignation of the BBC chairman, Gavyn Davies, over the death of Dr. David Kelly.


According to BBC News it’s because:

“Mr Jackson accused BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan of inventing much of the report in which he claimed that a source had told him Downing Street had “sexed up” a dossier outlining the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.”

Well, of course! After all, the story of the exaggeration of WMD claims must be untrue because we now know there was no exaggeration.

The brave “allied” forces (well, the US, UK and two Aussies) invaded Iraq and, just as Blair and Bush promised, there were the huge stockpiles of lethal chemical and bioweapons, pointed at the West.

Oh sorry, I forgot – they found fuck-all. Even after three months they’ve still found fuck-all.

So, this Tory MP is blustering that the BBC is wrong for inventing a story about the government lying about the Iraq threat when it’s patently obvious to everyone that the government did lie. Where is his basis for saying the story is invented? I rather think we now have the best proof that the story, whatever its source, was true: the absence of Iraqi WMDs.

Was it the BBC that named Kelly and therefore exposed him to the contemptuous interrogation of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee? No. It was the MoD. Who gives he MoD it’s orders? It’s certainly not the BBC – it’s Geoff Hoon and, ultimately, Tony Blair.

It’s also been reported today that Kelly actually pointed the finger of blame before his death. In several emails, he talked of “many dark actors playing games.” As the Edmonton Journal reports:

“Kelly made it clear that he felt ministers and government officials were responsible for exposing him to the unprecedented public scrutiny his family and friends believe was the cause of his suicide.”

Note – ministers and government officials, not the BBC.

The other aspect of the emails is that, although obviously stressed, he sounded like he was looking forward. This email was to his friend Professor Alistair Hay:

“Dear Alistair, many thanks for your support. Hopefully it will soon pass and I can get to Baghdad and get on with the real job. Best wishes, David.” (source: Edmonton Journal)

Again, this makes me repeat my observation that he was either pressurised by the government into taking his own life or that his death wasn’t suicide.

Perhaps the “many dark actors” sent their agents to ensure that Dr. Kelly would never speak again?

To anyone.

Tony Blair: some blood counts, some doesn’t

Yesterday evening I wrote a small rant about the death of Dr. David Kelly. Today, it’s been confirmed that he died from having his wrists slashed. Whether he did this to himself or was the victim of USK security services, we’ll probably never know.

I also concluded yesterday’s rant by pointing out that Kelly’s death is yet more blood on Blair’s hands.

Tonight, I’ve just seen a news report about the Kelly affair and ITV almost agreed with me. Where they differed is when they asked, ‘has Tony Blair now got blood on his hands?’

Now? Where the fuck have they been since March?

Or doesn’t the blood of the thousands of Iraqi people killed by the illegal USK invasion count? Their blood is as surely on Blair and Bush’s hands as that of Dr. Kelly.

I repeat: Blair took part in the illegal invasion for pre-emptive reasons, citing that chemical and biological weapons could be launched on Britain “within 45 minutes” (his exact words).

On that basis, that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, Blair justified the attack.

Well, there are no weapons. And, apparently, both the US and UK intelligence services knew that. So Bush and Blair must also have known that.

Therefore, Tony Blair took part in the murder of over 5000 Iraqis with no real basis in defence of this realm.

Dr. Kelly’s death is tragic. But it’s the tip of a bloody pile of bodies that Blair perches on, braying his virtue and honour. This is our great leader.

A liar, a murderer, a despot.

Dr. David Kelly R.I.P.

David Kelly was a leading microbiologist who served seven years as an Unscom weapons inspector and visited Iraq on 37 occasions. His body was discovered today after his family had alerted police when he had failed to return from a walk.

I don’t yet know the full circumstances of his death – no-one does. But there are three possible paths to it.

The first is that he was placed under such great stress and pressure by the MoD / the grilling by the Foreign Affairs Select Committe that he couldn’t take it any longer and was forced to take his own life. Seems unlikely from someone resillient and confident enough to be a UN weapons inspector.

The second is that his performance yesterday was not to the approval of someone (MoD? Blair? Campbell?) and so perhaps he was given an ultimatum. Perhaps he was given the choice between ruining his professional reputation and career or else… well, family men are always vulnerable to pressure. Wives and children can easily end up in a car crash if they don’t play ball. And if that sounds too dark for you, bear in mind that the UK government has just participated in the murder of over 5000 Iraqis simply to support American imperial aims and gain access to oil.

The third possibility, one I’ve not seen speculated on so far, is that Dr. Kelly didn’t commit suicide at all. That perhaps, angered by his interrogation, he was about to make some revelation that would have further embarrassed Bush and Blair. There are many ways in which troublesome whistle-blowers can be silenced. MI6 and the CIA are experts at this.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cause of death turned out to be something like heart attack / stroke. Very convenient and much less messy than having to explain a suicide.

All of the above is, of course, pure speculation. But one thing is certain: a respected scientist, husband and father of three is now dead. More blood now drips from Tony Blair’s hands and the hands of anyone who supports his corrupt, murderous regime.

We’re Living In A Bad Film

You know the kind of film I mean: those thrillers you catch at 3 or 4am when you’ve got home from clubbing. In the film, there’s a government conspiracy which is orchestrated by cynically amoral elites. What makes the film bad is the fact that these shadowy organisations are getting away with quite astounding manipulation and outright lying. As you watch the film, you think “As if this could bloody happen! Yeah, right! The whole of the media just turns a blind eye to these shenanigans and the bad guys keep ruling the world, puffing cigars in back rooms.”

And yet…

In the real world we have the Saving Of Private Lynch. That plucky, young woman who was grasped from the slavering jaws of bestial Iraqis by a crack covert team. But the truth?

“On April 4 The Washington Post reported that Lynch was rescued from the Saddam Hospital in Nasiriyah by “navy special operations forces, or Seals, extract[ing] Private Lynch while under fire”. In fact, there were no Iraqi soldiers in or near the hospital.” (Malcolm Knox, Sydney Herald)

She hadn’t been the victim of a sneak attack but had actually been in a car crash. Iraqi doctors had treated her wounds and actually tried to hand her back before the “daring rescue”

But nevermind, the whole story is being made into a telemovie and doubtless it’ll be as inaccurate as the rest of the fantasy narrative behind the illegal invasion of Iraq. If you saw the Private Lynch story, the real one, in a film, you’d think, ‘what a bad film – they’re laying it on a bit thick! Who’d fall for this bullshit?’ Well, millions of people, apparently, if they’re fed lies from the stage managers of the war via a comatose, lapdog media.

Imagine a bad film where the leader of a country blustered that a pre-emptive attack must be launched against another nation because he had concrete evidence that said country could attack his nation within 45 minutes. Stirring stuff, makes for a great buildup to when the heroic forces invade the nasty country and seize hundreds of tonnes of these hideous weapons of mass destruction..

..only they aren’t there. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nihil. Fuck all. Launch an attack in 45 minutes? Hell, make that more like four or five years, to get a weapons program going, design the things, build them, deploy them.

So the brave, bellicose leader changes the goalposts. We actually went in there certain we’d find evidence of a weapons program. Who ever mentioned actual weapons? Not the brave leader! No sirree!

And what happens in the bad film? Well, the leader’s country accepts this with a slight murmur and the docile populace go back to worrying about reality TV shows and lottery numbers.

Ridiculous, eh? It’d never happen in real life, would it? Step forward, Tony Blair. Well-respected and lauded leader of the British government even though he’s a mendacious scumbag who sanctioned the murder of thousands of Iraqi civilians based on cobbled-together evidence he knew was fictitious.

How can this evil man sleep at night, knowing that he is responsible for the death of so many innocent people? All of them sacrificed in the hope of getting some crumbs from his master’s table. Bush must be astounded at his good fortune in having a British PM who’ll cheerfully break the Geneva Convention without so much as a second thought.

But wait, just when the viewer’s credulity is stretched to breaking point – SHOCK! HORROR! The bad guy is making shady deals in Niger, trying to get some uranium. TO BLOW US ALL TO HELL! Just like he did in 9/11! (Okay, that wasn’t him, or even his countrymen but why let facts get in the way of a truly bad film?)

Only… um, he isn’t. There’s no proof whatsoever and all the leading intelligence agencies start pointing the finger at the politicians, claiming their political agenda superseded accuracy. Comical Ari (he’s a great character, you’ll love him – a complete fucking liar) does his usual great comeback:

A week ago, the White House acknowledged that the evidence supporting the statement did not meet the standards of a presidential address to the nation. But Fleischer said Monday that the statement “very well may be true. We don’t know if it’s true, but nobody can say it is wrong.” (Edwin Chen, LA Times)

Pure brilliance! Hey – you can’t prove there was no uranium buying going on so we were right to say it was happening. Comical Ari here does the classic burden-of-proof switcheroo. As follows:

Comical Ari: There are tiny pink hippos flying out my butt.

Sceptical World: What? I don’t believe you – where’s your evidence?

Comical Ari: Hey – what evidence?? You can’t prove there aren’t tiny pink hippos flying out my butt, can you?! Ha, gotcha! Now we must invade a small, impoverished country, slaughter its occupants till the truckloads of dis-membered corses make even Red Cross workers puke and then annexe its oil via a puppet government!

He’s a card, isn’t he? He’s just resigned from his post as chief disseminator of American Lies. I wish him well in his new career and hope he lives happily with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children dripping from his hands. What a swell guy!

There is a divergence between reality and the bad film but sadly it’s in the wrong place. In the bad film, all the above, totally unrealistic things happen and then in the final half hour or so, there’s a magic denouement wherein the courageous protagonist singlehandedly exposes the evil. The bad guys retreat into the shadows, hissing their disdain and the world is once again a safe place where good triumphs. Yeah, it’s corny – but it’s a bad film, what do you expect?

If only real life had that bad film ending. In our ending, the bad guys invade a country devastated by a despot, war and punitive sanctions, kill thousands and get away with it totally. Yes, we’re now seeing a few minor kerfuffles and the press is reporting them because, to be blunt, what does it matter now? The press can be as free and investigative as it likes now, now that the USK has won its prize.

A few people will resign. Minor figures, of course, not the actual players. Blair will probably end up being made a Lord. Bush will no doubt end up a fatcat captain of industry. Some fingers will be wagged. There’ll be some tut-tutting but overall, we’ll be fed the notion that we acted with the best of intentions. The real truth, the horrific pictures of torn bodies that the Western media were censored from transmitting, won’t be seen till years from now. When it’s too late.

And a great evil, the baseless invasion and occupation of a non-aggressor country to appropriate its oil reserves, will be whitewashed away.
love and kisses,

Gig Review: Hooker

(Hooker played as part of the bill on the fundraising shindig for Ponce In The Park / Lightyear album launch party at the Gatehouse, Derby.)

I want to get this down while I’m still buzzing from the gig. When Hooker took to the stage, I had no idea who they were, what they were or what they were going to play.

Half an hour (or so) later and I was a rabid convert. I even bought their mini-album and later bugged them to sign it.

As they started, I thought, ‘ooh, this sounds a bit different.’ True, the sound of Hooker has some familiar elements: Buzzcocks’ chromatic chugging, the jerky tom-pounding frustration of early Devo, even a touch of PJ Harvey. But the whole is something new, something that’s powerful, frantic, thrumming and, above all, poppy.

The keystone is Zoe McVeigh’s vocals. They’re clear and commanding, cutting through the guitars and drums so that, joy of joys, I can actually hear the lyrics! And the lyrics are worth hearing, seeming to be equal parts lust and distrust – although I could be wrong on this as I haven’t had a chance to listen to the album yet. In a way, I don’t want to because then this gig review would be informed by it. Whereas now I’m purely relying on my memory of seeing a brand-new (to me) band doing a great gig.

They do brilliantly at getting the audience tapping and clapping, if not moshing. I can see a lot of happy faces there, punters thinking ‘Hey! This is good! Who is this band!’ It’s a great moment when you first hear something you know you’re gonna love and listen to in the future. As I watched Danny Sharman wail on the toms like a reincarnated Gene Krupa, I took a mental snapshot. The way that the drums and Mat Skinner’s bass dovetail so silkily is a beautiful thing. Hell, the band should sound stripped-down but, like other natural trios before them, they don’t. They sound full and layered because what you’re hearing is the depth and structure in the songs.

Ummm… I’d better go now cos it’s 5.04am. I can’t give you a song-by-song review because I won’t know any titles until I listen to the (autographed!) album. What I can say is that seeing Hooker tonight is the reason I still go to gigs. You never know when a band is going to come on, plug in and just blow you away…
love and kisses,

Click here for the official Hooker website