Some Flowers & Some Dudes

I’ve just re-organised the Photos section and added two new galleries:



I felt like updating the section because I’m now shooting on a Canon EOS 10D and it’s the most photographic fun I’ve had in ages. Weirdly, the last comparable change was when I bought the Sony Cybershot U20.

Even though these cameras are at ostensibly opposite ends of the “quality” spectrum, they’re both great tools. There’s no way I’d take such an expensive camera as the Canon on a political demo, the Sony is small and (relatively!) inexpensive. Plus, it takes crisp shots, as you can see in the political photos section.

But for sneaking up on a bumblebee and counting the hairs on its legs, nothing compares to the Canon. I’m amazed at the images I’m getting from it. It’s 21 years now since I took my first photography course. For the last 15 or so years I’ve been using point+shoot automatic cameras. Gradually, all the theory is coming back to me and I’m getting to grips with depth of field, chromatic aberration and the joy/pain of fully manual shooting (the Canon has an auto mode, of course, but I rarely use it).

At first I was a little flummoxed because, since the 10D is a true SLR, you don’t have an LCD preview – it’s totally viewfinder-based. But now I much prefer the viewfinder. You don’t have to battle ambient light and it’s the only way to go if you’re using manual focus a lot. On the other hand, the little Sony doesn’t even have a viewfinder (it’s LCD only) but since it’s so light, tiny and portable, who gives a crap, eh?

Here’s a photo of the Canon I took with the Sony:

and here’s a photo of the Sony I took with the Canon:

Horses for courses…