When Murder Isn’t Murder

Today, David Blunkett announced “tougher” sentencing laws:

QUOTE (Tom Happold @ The Guardian)
The home secretary, David Blunkett, said this morning that “most people would cheer” the tough new sentencing “principles” for murder he is due to announce later today.

The principles are understood to include “life means life” prison terms for the worst child murders, 30-year sentences for those who have killed police officers and minimum terms for doctors involved in “mercy killings”.

“I think most people will cheer and say we want a framework where we have confidence, we have clarity, we have consistency.”

These proposals are apparently also going to apply to multiple murderers.

May I humbly suggest the first multiple murderer that should feel the sting of justice: Tony Blair.

After all, Blair is personally responsible for breaking international law and the Geneva convention by ordering the murder of thousands of Iraqis in a totally un-provoked attack. He personally did not hack the heads off babies and children, he sent his troops to do that via their hi-tech murder machines. But just as much as any Mafia don, he is responsible for these murders.

But maybe I'm being naive. Maybe the old adage is true: if you kill one or two people you're a monster, a murderer. If you kill thousands, you're a great leader.

Oh, and a belated happy birthday, Tony. I hope your best mate Georgie gave you a nice pressie to try and help you forget the Iraqi blood dripping from your hands.