Murder In Iraq And We’re The Killers

I'm seething with anger because of this report by Charles Hanley on The Independent's website:

QUOTE (Charles Hanley)
US troops opened fire today on anti-American demonstrators for the second time this week, during a march to protest about the previous shootings. At least one person was reported to have been killed and 16 wounded.

Can you imagine the uproar in the bourgeois press if Hussein's forces had shot dead protestors two days running before the invasion? There would be outrage, condemnation from all the papers at the violent suppression of a democratic gathering.

But if it's our “brave lads” doing the murdering, we'll just keep quiet about it and give them all fucking medals when they come home.

I am so angry now.

I'm even angrier because tomorrow I will vote in the local elections and what choice do I have? Two parties, allegedly opponents, who both supported the illegal and murderous invasion of Iraq. And a third, the Lib Dems, who initially opposed the war but then caved-in to the wave of jingoism urging all Britons to “support our lads.” What, whatever they do? Whoever they murder, maim and destroy. I will not support the murder of innocents no matter who carries it out.

The illegal occupation must be stopped now, before any more innocent Iraqi lives are sacrificed on Bush and Blair's altar to oil.

QUOTE (Charles Hanley)
“Why? The demonstrators didn't use guns, so why should the soldiers start attacking them?” asked the imam of the Grand Fallujah Mosque, Jamal Shaqir Mahmood.

He said the Americans should pull out of Fallujah – or at least cut back their forces.

“There is no (Iraqi) military presence here. Why is there an American military presence? We just want a reduction in the numbers,” he said.

Outside my window it's a sunny, pretty day. Meanwhile, the government of my country is taking part in the biggest human rights violation currently occurring. Innocent children are being shot to death by US soldiers as Tony Blair gives his smiling endorsement and spews out more wretched fucking platitudes.